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    Nervous breakdown or depression

    are u a SAHM? perhaps u can leave ur kids at ur in laws for a day or two to take some time off.. it's NOT good to vent ur anger on your children.. 1stly, they r innocent... n being mischievous is in their nature.Afterall, they are still young. 2ndly, it will affect them emotionally n...
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    if not married, can the father of my child be in labour/delivery ward?

    yes, not married but the father is allowed. =) Mine was at KKH.
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    Eyebrow embroidery

    im considering to do 3D korean eyebrow embroidery with bio beauty! any comments? =)
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    Avg wt of 4yrs old boy

    hmmm.. is ur boy v small in build? cos i think 12kgs is pretty light for a 4yo.. my girl was 12 kgs when she was 1 yo... 2yo was 14kg.. cant really recall how heavy she was at 3 n 4 but i think abt 16-17kgs.. now at 6 she is abt 19-20kgs.
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    I TRUST my partner!!!!

    i believe trust takes time to build up.. initially when i was with my hubby during our dating period, of cos i hv my reservations... plus he was gg overseas to study for 2.5yrs when we were in the 3rd mth of our rs. but as time goes by, and i start to get to know him better, of cos the trust...
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    Reconcile back with ex

    Scarlet, well, i dont know if u married (initially) for the right reasons, or divorced for the right reasons... but to reconcile with someone whom u separated with due to communication problems just for the "sake" of giving ur child a happy future, i believe are the wrong reasons.. what makes u...
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    What's Wrong With Single Mother Finding A Job?

    politics is common, every where also hv...just do ur job n try to avoid as much as possible. =)
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    single dad needs advise

    i think its a very common prob for teenagers (and adults as well) and this is also a very sensitive age to be dealt with. if u handle it wrongly, it might get worst as she might feel that u are trying to control her and might turn rebellious. i think it would be good to hv a good talk with her...
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    Argument btw me and my husband family

    uh, actually if u do some internet research, shaving ur hair WONT make it grow thicker.. be it ur head or ur armpit or leg hair. Christina, yes, i just trim the ends abit to cut as yisi yisi. shaving head n stuff, its just a tradition n olden days belief. u can go ahead to do it or u can just...
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    What's Wrong With Single Mother Finding A Job?

    congrats girl! u did it! =) JY and im sure ur hard work will pay off well! =)
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    What should a single mom get ready for CNY?

    hmmmm actually some of my mum side relatives also didnt know i was a single mum.. i think some guessed, some just pretend not to know, some probably just assumed i was married.. keke, so some gave me n my daughter, some just gv my daughter! those tt give just take, my mum say cannot reject cos...
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    Argument btw me and my husband family

    my girl's hair was very thick n nice too, so i didnt cut, i only trimmed. if my husband comes to tell me that it is dirty, then i will tell him: isnt tt where ur penis goes into? shld u cut it off each time we have sexual intercourse? since its DIRTY?!
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    What's Wrong With Single Mother Finding A Job?

    hmmmm so far i didnt have any problems with finding a job due to my single mum status.. i guess i was lucky. :) good luck to the rest looking for jobs! to me i personally find nth to hide n i told my interviewers that my girl is in childcare so there wont be any issue on that. =)
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    do you call your in laws?

    yes i greet my mil whenever i see her? haha cos she is not arnd everyday.. so i only greet her when i see her. =)
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    What should i do .. i feeling of dieing

    sorry to hear what u are going thru.. it must be very hard on you... my take is, leave this man. he is useless and not trustworthy... all these while he has been lying to you and how can he not believe tt his own wife is pregnant? Gather evidence and divorce him based on adultery. As for the...
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    Harassment or Blackmail

    yes u can... as long as it is against your will, it is rape.. even if he is ur husband...u can also report him.
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    Dislike MIL

    i guess it common tt MILs tend to act like this.. possessive of the grandkids.. of cos for me, i wont tolerate if she bad mouths my mum or dad in front of my kids. i will definitely tell her that it is not nice to do so... if she is alr doing this in front of u, god knows what she might be...
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    Am i stupid? I need some advise here.. Thanks..

    keep the baby and leave the man... dont do something u will live to regret with..although im a free thinker, but i always believe that a child is a gift... a gift from life itself. like u mention, u hv been waiting so long for this child, and also its hard for u to get preg, then all the more u...
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    Unhappy with MIL

    i think im quite heng... cos my mil doesnt really bother me and she does her own stuff, i do mine. =)
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    Harassment or Blackmail

    if he keeps pestering u thru phone calls, u can make a police report or inform the telco that this number keep on calling n harass u n u want to block it.. if he comes to ur place to look for u n stuff, then u can also make a police report.