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    Reno Contractor to recommend

    any lobangs for installation of shower stalls? and v simple carpentry work like adding shelves and locks to built-in wardrobes? TIA!
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    organic food

    agree with the above mummies. :) You may also want to choose organic for veg or fruits with thin skin, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots, cos the pesticides used may leach in through the skin. Some pple feel that there is no point in eating organic cos organic food doesn't contain...
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    LNT OR Shichida

    I agree with annie. Your babies, your time, your money, your decisions. :) I'm not trying to attack anyone; everyone has the right to do what they think is the best for their babies. Sorry if I came across like I'm being defensive. It's just that I'm quite angry at all the enrichment...
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    LNT OR Shichida

    I'm quite longwinded cos I'm really passionate about early childhood development. The facts in the above article are really backed up by research. And the fact that listening to mozart does not improve your mathematical abilities is really, really true! I've read the actual research myself...
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    LNT OR Shichida

    Good that shichida is useful for you, mummy to very baby! :) BTW, just curious, what types of research back up Shichida's methods? Cos I'm not very clear on the shichida methods, but I've read a lot of research that says that conversation and reading are the keystones to emergent literacy, and...
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    enzyme cleaners?

    Don't know where to put this under. :p Where can I get enzyme cleaners in singapore? TIA!
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    Recommendations for Baby Carriers

    try the front carriers, especially those with extra back support. I find that those with only criss-cross support at the back will hurt after some time; I'm using combi and mothercare. Not fantastic. Or if your girl can sit up straight, you may want to try those hip carriers.
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    LNT OR Shichida

    I've read up on early childhood development, and have attended a module in it, and I can tell you that most of the times, these 'better baby' lessons are just very expensive ways to spend time with your children. Research has always shown that you need both your left and right brain in most...
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    recommendations for ceiling fan repair?

    Hi mummies, Any recommendations for ceiling fan repair? Mine is a white elephant and I only use the lights function cos the whole thing shakes so much when I turn the fan on. The warranty was extremely useless! I called the original company, they came down 5 times in 5 months and each time...
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    Pre-Nursery / Kindergarten

    agree with cancanmum. Your kiddo won't be able to cope with P1 without prior schooling. Unless you are going to teach him reading, writing and maths.
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    breastfeeding on demand

    interesting articles. Examining the Evidence... LLLI | Cue feeding: Wisdom and science more reasons to feed bbs on demand, especially for newborns: bbs get more of the hindmilk, which keeps them full longer and contains the fats they need to develop, when they suck as long as they want on...
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    My baby is 4 months, but the wound from first shot is still beeding...

    You're talking about the BCG shot on the butt? If you are, it's normal, and it will take a few months for the wound to completely heal. You'll have to make sure you clean the area well during baths and nappy changes, and try to keep it dry as much as possible. If you want to, can put a...
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    Supplement for Baby of 10 mths old

    Maybe you can give them oily fish like mackerel and cod two to three times a week instead? I think eating the fish itself is better than eating fish oils. :p If you are fully bfing your boys, you may want to consider iron drops.
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    How much feeding is enough for baby?

    I didn't have to ask my CL to do much to occupy her time. She took just the whole day to prepare my meals. Granted that she was quite a good cook, but still! She was so busy that in the end, I washed my own clothes, underwear, family's clothes, the bb's bottles etc. And she still dares to...
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    How much feeding is enough for baby?

    STmummy, your CL sounds just like mine! :( OMG! How can the CL tie rubber bands around your bb's wrist? It will cut off circulation and can cause gangrene! Yah, I think having a good maid can be so much better than a lousy CL. And the CLs charge so much! This type of CL must put her name...
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    Training baby to use spoon?

    i started when my girl was 6-7 mths old cos she wanted to grab hold of the spoon. She's been holding on to the spoon during her meals ever since, but I still guide her cos I'm too lazy to wipe up the mess. I think my girl's seen the adults eat, so she roughly knows how to use the spoon. Must...
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    Is bm oily

    The oil in bm is good oil, DHA actually, that is crucial for bb's eye and brain development. This DHA is also included in many FM. And this oil in bm doesn't cause any stomach upset etc, just in case some pple try to scare you off. To increase the amt of dha in your milk, you have to make...
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    swaddling options

    There are readymade swaddling cloths that you can just velcro bb in, can get them from places like mums n babe and mothercare. I used that for my girl till she was about 3 months old. It took my girl some time to get used to sleeping without being swaddled.
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    How much feeding is enough for baby?

    aiyohh, that cl so irritating! But at least your hubby's on your side. It's really impt that your husband stands on your side when it comes to bb and your marriage. Mine actually listened to the stupid CL and helped her to force-feed bb! And that was not the only stupid advice he listened to...
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    mummies with babies with GERD (reflux)

    Seb knows that you're not a pushover, but a really sweet mummy! :) Talking about local kids, there's this recent issue about how they fare against foreign kids. I tend to agree with the view that some of our kids are mollycoddled, so much so that they can't fend for themselves. Ah...