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  1. diymummy

    Anyone with kids in full-day child care and also hire maid?

    Just like to ask what your maid does at home when no one is at home. Which country is your maid from?
  2. diymummy

    Anyone allow yr hubby to pursue partime course while working?

    I myself will be taking a part time course sponsored by my company for the next 2 years. My hubs is very supportive of it. If it's my hubby, I will allow him to do it. Even if it's not of much use now, it will definitely be of use in the future. But of course, some certs have "shelf...
  3. diymummy

    Would you allow your Hubby to go for Overseas business Trips?

    Glad to hear you're feeling better and happy to see that you're taking in comments positively. A positive attitude to life will definitely help! All the best!
  4. diymummy

    I TRUST my partner!!!!

    I trust my husband completely too. I actually disagree with most of my friends who advise me to keep "spare money" for myself just in case and this bank account should never be told to the husband. I believe there's a string which ties our pockets to our hearts and action speaks louder than...
  5. diymummy

    Would you allow your Hubby to go for Overseas business Trips?

    When you do not fully give, you will not be able to fully receive.
  6. diymummy

    Would you allow your Hubby to go for Overseas business Trips?

    Re: 80 Euros per day That is considered an allowance and the thing is, you won't spend up to 80 Euros a day even if you add 3 meals together. 80 euros x 21 days = 1680 euros which is equivalent to SGD3360, assuming that he would be paid 80 Euros as well during weekends. Re: No promotion in a...
  7. diymummy

    Relationship with Parents, especially Mum

    Re: Relationship with Family Yeah I feel that way sometimes too. My mum's not exactly the easiest person to live with either. It doesn't mean that I love her less. It's just that we both have different personalities and it takes two to make it work. I think your feelings are valid and you...
  8. diymummy

    Health Supplements

    My son is taking childlife vit c. He falls sick quite a lot before that. I tried giving multi-vits but he still fell ill until I started him on Vit c. Sambucus I only feed when my son is coughing or ill. I used to give colostrum but it seems too heaty for him, so I stopped. Fish oil he's...
  9. diymummy

    Which is better gas cylinder or Singapore power gas?

    For me I prefer convenience... So I would go for citygas. Whether it is more expensive or cheaper also depends on how you use it. We run our water heater and clothes dryer and stove by gas.
  10. diymummy

    advice for nasal allergies?

    I suggest you remove environmental factors such as dust, etc, before considering supplements. My son had sensitive nasal passages. One of the reason for triggers is also air conditioning, dust and dust mites. When we remove the air conditioning, frequently clean and wipe his room and vacuuming...
  11. diymummy

    Any gd recipe ?

    I used the book "Feed your child right" by Lynn Alexander and Yeong Boon Yee. They have quite a number of nice and easy recipes.
  12. diymummy

    Settling vs marrying for love

    A lot of people enter marriage asking themselves, "What do I want from this marriage?". Though this is not the wrong question to ask, it cannot be the only question to ask yourself. To make a marriage work, it takes two hands to clap. Apart from "What do I want from this marriage?" you also have...
  13. diymummy

    need advice!! babysitter

    The infant care my son was in charges $1600 a mth for 7am-7pm care. $850 is a very good rate esp since you're not bringing your child home.
  14. diymummy

    Affair with other woman

    I think since her hubby confessed (I assume he confessed) to the affair, he has to be the one taking active steps to re-build that trust, eg, updating where he is going and who he is with, meeting a curfew, letting her control his finances/reading his emails/sms. (These are just suggestions)...
  15. diymummy

    When to introduce solids to babies that were preemies?

    Generally it is recommended to start solids and 6 mths as well as to look out for the other signes of readiness shown by the child eg, being able to sit up somewhat. Refer to Introducing solid food | BabyCenter for more info. My son was born at 36wks. Considered borderline preemie. He started...
  16. diymummy

    sleeping newborn...

    Hi there, I know it's very heart wrenching to see our babies suffering. Hang in there and stay strong for your little one! This season will pass and your baby will get better. *hugs*
  17. diymummy

    how to set mood?

    The option is on the top.
  18. diymummy

    Very very faint pink line anyone?

    Maybe you might want to buy another test kit to give it a shot? Clearblue test kits can use urine from any time of the day.
  19. diymummy

    Hungry all the time !!!

    I had a friend who had morning sickness well into the 5mth of her pregnancy. If you can try to prevent the nausea by eating sweets, you could give it a shot. I usually buy those mini buns to put at my office desk. I would eat them when I feel hungry.