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  1. sharonyi66

    What is allow on board with baby?

    Hi mummies, I will be bringing my 1 year old Tod to Thailand this Decemeber but I'm not sure what can I bring on board and what I need to check into the luggage.. Can I bring her biscuits, milk bottle, milk powder, water bottle?? Please advise.. Thanks!!
  2. sharonyi66

    My superb experience - IPL Hair Removal

    Me too! I just called them up and they managed to squeeze me in on 24/9! Felz, do share your exp here too after you tried it!
  3. sharonyi66

    Egg-less birthday cake

    Mummies, Anyone know where can I order eggless birthday cake? My baby is allergy to egg yolk, hence I need to order cake that is eggless.. Thanks!
  4. sharonyi66

    Allergy, what shld I do?

    Thanks all mummies for the replies.. Inez rash subsided the next morning.. Now i will stop egg yolk for the time being, hope she will outgrown it soon.. Thanks!
  5. sharonyi66

    Allergy, what shld I do?

    I think Inez is allergy to egg yolk... This morning I cooked white rice porridge with sweet potato, cauliflower and egg yolk as her lunch and at around 7pm, I noticed little rash beside her mouth and under her lip.. Is this the 'oral rash'? It look quite itch and a little swollen to me...
  6. sharonyi66

    My boy still want to poo in his diaper

    I got exactly the same problem with you, and i faced this problem everyday for 4 years... My elder girl is 4yrs 8mths old as of this month and she only stop this habit end of last year... No matter what matter i tried, it just doesn't work. P/s: all these years i only use 'soft' tactics. I...
  7. sharonyi66

    How to clear the sticky/hard mucus

    a 3 weeks old baby might be too young for the running nose med.. And yes, agreed with phoebii, pls bring your baby to a pd instead of a gp..
  8. sharonyi66

    induce procedures

    For me, *both at KKH* 1st pregnancy in year 2005: Induced on 40wks + 1day. No sign of labouring, no dilation, no contaction, nothing so gynae suggested me to get induced as i'm having a small baby (2.26kg). Arranged for admission at 6am, went straight to delivery suite to insert the 1st...
  9. sharonyi66

    Normal FM vs Hypoallergenic Milk

    Hi cocraze, After Inez is about 4mths old, i realised she's no longer colicky so i checked with her pd and was given green light to change from HA milk to normal FM but I did not go for Nan Pro, I changed to Friso 1. I find Inez is able to accept the taste between NA milk and Friso even...
  10. sharonyi66

    Cry baby

    Totally agree w Regina and Wendy, Dun use this cry-to-slp method on such a young baby.. He's only 3 wks old, he could be feeling very insecure, missing the comfort in yr womb plus he might oso be having colic. Pls cuddle him, bulp him and try all sorts of ways u could to stop him from crying...
  11. sharonyi66

    Weaning off Formula Milk?

    Hmmm... No honey for baby below 1yr old, not even organic type.
  12. sharonyi66


    as soon as baby is out to sitmulate your breast... Normally the nurse/gynae will ask if you wanna breastfeed now (after they clean baby up) or later (after u r back into your ward). mostly would advise to bf asap but it also depends on yr ownself. I only bf the 3rd day and i was so heavily...
  13. sharonyi66

    Mummies, i need your votes!

    Lol.... Really thank u for e effort in finding my baby photo and helping me paste the photo link.. Thanks to all for voted! :)
  14. sharonyi66

    Mummies, i need your votes!

    Dear mummies... My Baby Inez is joining Channel 8 "Precious Babes" Baby Photo Contest, Please help me cast your vote for her. Just simply login to your facebook acount and click on the link: Channel 8 "Precious Babes" Baby Photo Contest | Facebook after tat it will lead you to Channel 8...
  15. sharonyi66

    All are welcome...

    Felz, i will be bringing my elder girl along too.. Amended as above :)
  16. sharonyi66

    To answer all the PMs (about STON..supplements, boosting my boy's immune system, etc)

    Re: To answer all the PMs (about STON..supplements, boosting my boy's immune system, Yes Stonston got gave us the code on this post.. And additional 5% discount coz I spent more then USD$60.
  17. sharonyi66

    Week 35 n 1 day

    Congrate on your new arrival! Take care, rest well and enjoy yr new bundle of joy :)
  18. sharonyi66

    To answer all the PMs (about STON..supplements, boosting my boy's immune system, etc)

    Re: To answer all the PMs (about STON..supplements, boosting my boy's immune system, Stonston, I just placed some orders thru iherb. Before placing orders, I went to GNC to 'remember' the price 1st coz all along I stock up Child Life Colostum, ChildLife Echinacea and Rainbow Light Gummy...
  19. sharonyi66

    All are welcome...

    Felz, help me add babychair too..
  20. sharonyi66

    All are welcome...

    1) Sharon + pram + maid(maybe)