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    WTS : Tummy Binder

    Hi for those who asking or looking for tummy binder you can also check out this abdo binder. It is available durin Supermom baby fair on 31/8-2/9/18. Great promotion only during the...
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    WTS: Confinement & Baby items

    Hi remember there is someone asking about abdominal binder during confinement period. You can check this out BodiNeeds slimming set Ong cause you 61.90. Don’t miss out the promotion...
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    Where to buy tummy binder?

    Hi if you’re looking for abdominal binder. You can try out this abdo binder It can help to slim down and reduce pain post delivery and during recovery period.
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    Baby fair

    Hi all, if you are coming to Supermom babyfair on 31/8 - 2/9, don’t forget to check out this link for all the unbeatable daily deals !! Make sure you check through and sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest info !!!
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    Calling all Mummies!

    Have you attended baby fair by Supermom ? It is one of The greatest baby fair in Singapore!! They involves a lots of brand and they provide great promotions as well. Don’t miss out the upcoming baby fair on 31/8 to 2/9 Check out this link for great deals during baby fair itself...
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    West Side SG Mummies

    If you have nothing to do and need to restock your baby items probably it is a good chance now. 8days left to Supermom baby fair !!! They also have useful seminar especially for ftm. Don’t forget to register for the goodies and claim it with your receipt. Only 50 dollar spend required...
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    New to this pregnancy thing, need some help

    You can also join this group here to that more people can share their experience !! We can help each other !! (We are pregnant FB group)
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    Mummies expecting 2018 (We are pregnant) (2018 SG supermom) You can join these groups, alots of sharing inside and you can ask questions as well.
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    2017 and 2018 Mummies This coming baby fair at MBS also has alots of give away!! Mummies who are going or currently pregnant don’t miss out the giveaways yea!!!
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    2017 and 2018 Mummies Hi I know there is a baby fair coming up by supermom?! Does you all go and buy things during fair? What you all usually buy?
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    Baby First Foods

    First, I blend his Dumex milk with cereal and give him a few spoonful each meal. 2 meals per day. I give only cereal, he doesn’t like it, but when I mixed with his usual Dumex he likes it. Then I introduce solid by giving my LO something like teether. Bake crunch with his favourite milk milk...
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    When Should I Start Feeding My Baby Solid Foods?

    Mummies can share when you all start introduce sippy cup and straw bottle to Lo. Was wondering what is the different between feeding water with bottle compare to the straw water. Wanna check out before buy. TIA