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  1. adelynn

    WTS: Preloved Good Condition Gelite Groyard Playpen (Orange & Red)

    Want to sell preloved, condition is 9.5/10 Asking for $60 Self collect @ Fernvale Road PM or SMS me at 90111210 to view/deal Travel playard with bassinet for infant. Side zip opening for toddler easy access. Travel bag included. Suitable from birth to around 4 years Full-size removable...
  2. adelynn

    WTS: Very New Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Jungle

    Bought in Mar/Apr this year, and barely used. Condition is 10/10, no stains no wear and tear. Asking for $150. Viewing/Self collect @ Fernvale Road. PM or SMS me at 90111210 to deal.
  3. adelynn

    Looking for Domestic Helper

    Hi, my current helper is finishing her contract and has decided to go back and get married. I have 2 girls, 3 years old and 5 mths old. The 3yo attends full day CC so during the day the helper has to care for the 5 mth old and do some basic house chores. Please SMS me at 90111210 if you want...
  4. adelynn

    HairBows & More

    Wanna Dress Your Pretty Baby/Kids & Yourself Up? Or Want to Find Something Unique for Give Aways to Friends & Family? Want Something Unique or a Matching Set? Personalized HairBows, HairClips, HairTies for Girls Personalized LanYards, Pacifier Clips, Toy Clips & Bib Clips for Kids Matching...
  5. adelynn

    Future Fernvale Vista Phrase 2 residents?

    Any mummies/daddies are future fernvale vista phrase 2 residents? wana see if there are any potential 'neighbours' before we collect keys (soon i hope)
  6. adelynn

    Australia Food Regulations

    Any mummies know if we can bring in formula milk (open tin) or in small containers, bottled food jars/purees and opened/unopened baby snacks? into AU? I know AU is very strict on their food imports, bringing into country regulations... any advise would be appreciated :)
  7. adelynn

    Pigeon Bathe Product

    Hi Am looking for a particular item in the Pigeon range. Can't remember the name of it but it's a white liquid that you put into the baby's bathe and the colour is milky white. It's a non-rinse solution. Any idea what's it called? TIA
  8. adelynn

    How to know if baby is allergic towards certain types of food?

    I've started feeding my girl purees and cereals for 2 weeks plus now & following the 4 day rule. Question is how do i detect if she is allergy to something? Should i watch for rash, constant scratching, or she's out of her norm? Are there any clear indications and if i follow the 4 day...
  9. adelynn

    Playdates for NE Mummies & Babies

    Hi Mummies I'm keen in finding playdates for my girl at the same time know more mummies so that i can keep 'sane' and share parenting tips with. I'm hoping there's response :) So let me start the ball rolling - Adelynn: Mummy to 5.5 month old girl (Stevlynn); Live behind Kovan MRT
  10. adelynn

    EBM: Your Daily Output

    Dear Mummies, I am going back to work in 2 weeks time and would appreciate if you are able to give some advise on the following: 1. Pumping schedule on a day basis 2. Milk yield for a total day basis For the past 2 over months, i have been exclusively BF-ing my girl with 100% latch...
  11. adelynn

    Milk Trays to Store Breast Milk

    Hi Is anybody using milk trays to freeze their breast milk for storage? What's the feedback as compared to using milk bags? Appreciate any feedback/reviews :)
  12. adelynn

    NB having Heavy Breathing

    Dear All i realise my daughter (2 weeks plus) has heavy breathing and sometimes when she breathe, she even grunts. Is that normal or should i be concerned?
  13. adelynn

    Nipple Confusion

    Hi All I am a new mother to a week old infant and is currently doing total breast feeding and have some questions regarding feeding expressed breast milk to my child. 1. If i want to feed expressed breast milk to my child but want to avoid nipple confusion (as told my the nurses @ KK), how...
  14. adelynn

    Lil Stevlynn Arrived on 17/11/09 Sharing the Same Bday as Daddy

    Check Up at 37 Weeks shows that I am already 4CM dilated. Had actually scheduled to induce labour on 19th Nov (Hubby & I wanted this date initially) but as i am GBS+ and am already 4CM dilated, my gynae does not recommend waiting any further; thus scheduled to be admitted on 17th for induction...
  15. adelynn

    Places to Buy Baby Stuff in JB, Malaysia

    Hi All Just wanna check if you girls/guys know whereabouts to do baby shopping in Malaysia, JB? If so, can share directions and/or address and what the outlet sells with me? Am intending to go baby shopping! Thanks in Advance :D
  16. adelynn

    Who Looks after Kids when ure a FTWM?

    Am interested to know what arrangements are made for your kids when you are a FTWM? What are the costs involved and what are the pros and cons?
  17. adelynn

    Ur Sleeping Posture :)

    Did you know that during pregnancy it is best to be sleeping on the side, LEFT side to be exact during the night? According to experts... Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Keep your legs and knees bent and a...
  18. adelynn

    Massage During 1st Trimester

    Hi Does any of the mummies-to-be still goes for her massage or go for pre-natal massage during the first trimester? I am someone who is very used to massages and go for it regularly (like twice a month at least) before i was pregnant. and now, my whole body's aching and im dying for one...