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    Slimming- Dr John Chiam

    hi love so currently r u stil on the pills and sfter u stopped taking the pills does yr weight bounced back?? my fren intro me to see doc chiam but now hestitating, very worried about the after effect need2lose about 8-10kg .... and after consuming the pills how long does it takes2see...
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    cake figurine

    any one have any idea on where i can get cake figurine of little pony or carebear need it urgently...thyanks
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    any party venue/ caterers etc for 1st bday?

    hi anyone can suggest a good party venue etc?
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    Baby Weight

    My baby is 7.7kg at 6mths but she dont reali look chubby. she looked more chubby b4 i stopped breast feeding n now her milk intake lessen
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    Baby Weight

    wow its a heavy n solid one care to share what milk she taking n the food or cereal she eatin n schdule thanks
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    Baby Weight

    cheer up as long as shes active n healthy don b 2bothered by the weight,my baby was also smaller than her sis too , tink differenbr ppl have different size,built etc:)
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    Baby Weight

    Care to share with me your baby weight at 6mths ? Pls state Baby Boy or Girl thanks..
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    Any Stay home Mum In Tampines??

    hi everyone i'm at st84
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    Do scan really confirm baby gender?

    for me the scans is accurate4my 3pregnancies.most confirm one w/o mistake is20weeks.
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    Which kinda bottles and how many??

    i m using Pigeon 3in1 rapid steriliser n their wide neck persistent nipple bottle. have about4bottles n 2tommee tippee anti colic range one,dont really like avent cos the teats is quite hard. pigeon teats is softer :)
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    bottle sterilizer

    i m using the pigeon rapid steriliser v fast few minutes n durable . its around $120 sometimes during promotion they'll give pigeon milk bottles. :)
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    Any Stay home Mum In Tampines??

    hello there i m at tampines area too.... st84 next time we can meet up at central2shop.
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    hello everyone:Dancing_tongue:
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    baby shower

    anyone can help i m urgently looking for restaurants/hotels/venues to celebrate my bb 1st mth... we r looking at dinner buffet. about50-60guests pls recommene or advise thanks
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    Any MTB drinking Coffee when u pregnant?

    i m craving for it too limit myself to maximum 2 cups per day
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    thanks everyone tink i will nt process it v horrible....
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    anyone process their placenta into capsules n consumes? wat is the benefits?
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    any mummy is thinking of processing placenta into capsules n consumes ? i m considering but confused anyone can advise? wats the benefit etc? thanks
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    My baby girl is here!

    congratulations :tlaugh:
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    Maid Issues

    for me , i will get a new maid. i will send this one back to agency without informing ger beforehand in case she do anything funny to my child... n will go agency engage a new one do the paperwork processing at the same time appply about2weeks unpaid leave to briefly coach n teach the new maid...