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    Bank unsecured loan.. Pls help

    Hi all, Am facing some issues when applying for unsecure bank loan due to my CBS report was not healthy. Is there anyway to appeal for approval? I also try asking Frds to take up loan on behalf but not successful.. Please advise what should I do..
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    In debts n relationship in bad stage

    Without the bank help , there's no way I can get a lump sum to clear off.. Which family n frd help are also limited which I may incurred more debtors n can't fully clear the prob am having now..
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    In debts n relationship in bad stage

    Has anyone tried using any bank broker to submit unscured bank loan in singapore? How is the success rate? Will have to pay admin fee of $300 and they will try various bank application for u.
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    In debts n relationship in bad stage

    Try asking but can't really help to solve thou..
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    In debts n relationship in bad stage

    I tried.. Can't help much ..
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    In debts n relationship in bad stage

    I tried but they can only deal with banks n not moneylender
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    In debts n relationship in bad stage

    Hi all, really need sm advice in clearing some license moneylender .. Cant get a lump sum fm bank to clear off as CBS record are not healthy. Relationship with my hubby effected also.. How how ..Really stress..
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    Personal loan in Singapore

    But their interest are very high...
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    CBS record

    Anyone encounter bad record with CBS? Trying to apply some unsecure personal loan but seem a lot of search record appears on CBS statement and unable to get approval... Please advise..
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    Anyone facing divorce issues due to $$?
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    Do you re-finance your loan for your HDB?

    Hi is there a way to mortgage my parents flat? Check with sm banks but due to their age is not approved . Please help!
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    Anyone smoke during pregnancy?

    Hi Apple... I can't tahan not to smoke also..i giving birth nxt mth le.. lucky everytime check up my gynae say baby is good.. so stress...
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    EDD in November 2009

    Hi Hi.. Mine 2nd bb also in Nov 09.. will be at TMC .. hw about u?
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    Employing maid

    Hi, can i have more details? Is it alright for maid to share room with mum or muminlaw?