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    How to increase more breast milk ?

    Here are some tips that may help you to increase breast milk 1. Drink sufficient water 2. Have enough rest 3. Massage your breast. 4. Foods to increase breast milk: fenugreek (you can get this from GNC), oatmeal, fennel, unriped papaya, sweet potata 5. Try to avoid using pacifier and milk bottle
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    Frequent drinker

    How old is your baby? The frequency and duration will depend on age of your child. Furthermore, there is a growth spurt period when your baby willl need more You may refer to how often to breastfeed for more information.
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    What's your baby feeding schedule like?

    Just some points to add in case it helps other mummies out there. 1. We usually use rice cooker to cook porridge, it should be quite simple to use, as long as you follow the instruction comes with the rice cooker. At the beginning, you can just give rice soup, in this case, you may want to add a...
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    Maids/domestic helper to recommend??

    many of the times, it will depend on luck. In general, i will suggest you to take Filipino maid as they are easy to communicate and finish the job as instructed. But usually they are smarter and is harder to manage.
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    Hiring New Maid

    First, you can visit mom website under Employment agency directory and look for those who have good review. Second, find one that is near your house. There are currently three major locations where maid agencies are located, Bukit Timah shopping centre, orchard road, City Plaza. Third, think...
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    CCTV to monitor maid

    I think it is a good idea to install CCTV at home. Initially we installed the CCTV just to monitor our myanmar maid. but later find that it has many other purposes. my husband sometimes outside like to see what our children are doing, so conveniently open the App and can see. Sometimes, he...
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    urgent - infant care in alexandara technopark

    There are two infant care centres operated by pcf which is at the telok blangah, and one by My first skool. There is cherie heart at depot close. you can check details at infant care centres in singapore for more details Hope it helps you.
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    Employing maid

    We have employed a few before. We have read up a lot of strategy to get a good maid, but end up depending on luck. Some suggestions: if you are patient and easy going, I will suggest you to take some fresh maid. Those experienced maid is costly, and they know how to "play smart", especially the...
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    A Level Maths and Physics – Excel Method Tuition – 94316237

    1. 13 Years of Experience 2. Notes and Exercises Provided 3. NUS/VJC Graduate 4. Ex-scholar 5. 2015 A Level Result: 100% A or B for Maths, 70% A for Physics 6. Details of my profile and testimonials can be found at A Level Maths and Physics Tuition 7. Contact: 94316237
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    A Level Maths and Physics Tuition

    1. Full Time Tutor with 12 years of experience 2. Comprehensive Notes and Exercises Provided 3. VJC/NUS Graduate and Ex-Scholar 4. Please refer to my website A Level Maths and Physics For testimonials 5. Contact: 94316237 (sms,call or whatsapp)
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    what is the market rate for confinement lady now?

    what is the rate now in 2014? Thanks
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    pregnancy confirmation

    thanks. i tried it again using clearblue, it was positive as well : )
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    pregnancy confirmation

    just confirm pregnant this morning using test paper. do you think it is necessary to confirm it again at doctor's clinics? thanks.