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  1. vonn81

    Avent VIA cup & medela breastpump

    Hi Mommies, 1) May i know if i still can use my Avent VIA cups which are still unopen from the vaccum bag? i've kept probably 2-3 yrs . my no.2 will arrive in june 2012. 2) I used to use Avent manual breastpump, but i was given a preloved medela eletric one(used only a few times) 2 yrs...
  2. vonn81

    Bubbles in milk

    oh normal arh....phew... i did use spoon when at home to stir. even if i'm not using i dont shake leh. only in circular movements or up n down once or twice but very lightly. it doesnt have much bubbles. only when she drinks that mayb the FM really plays a part ya...? thanks
  3. vonn81

    Bubbles in milk

    Not really. i switch from pediasure to GainIQ. cos she rejects FM initially. so after a month or 2 i gave her GainIQ only when she adapt to it and drinks better. Recalling abit....pediasure like not really that much bubble though. the way she hold should be ok. Just that can hear the sound when...
  4. vonn81

    Bubbles in milk

    Hi, can any mummy advise whether a toddler drink milk frm bottle have bubbles or not? My DD always drink FM frm bottle have alot of bubbles leh. She started on FM since 14 mths. Now she is 18 mths. I dont remember initially got so much bubbles. but since few weeks ago i always see bubble so now...
  5. vonn81

    what dried fruits can a 1.5yrs old toddler take?

    oh that will be great!! i'll check them out. last week just bought cranberries from organic shop. so damn ex...such small tin cost nearly 10bucks....sigh
  6. vonn81

    what dried fruits can a 1.5yrs old toddler take?

    oh made on ur own?? just sun? no need to add anything? but if my house cannot really get sun? wont it get dirt on it? how many days do u sun? hmm...think i should go and buy those organic ones sounds yummy....beside the one u mentioned b4 at tanglin where else i can find?? as long as...
  7. vonn81

    what dried fruits can a 1.5yrs old toddler take?

    hi, may i know beside raisins or cranberries ( finds it too sweet thou) can a toddler eats as snacks? if using hands right the dried fruits cannot be too sticky eh... cos i my dd doesnt drink alot of water. so i can give her too much baby biscuit. she bowel so hard ....sigh thanks
  8. vonn81

    Is there difference in malaysia and singapore milk powder?

    i think just take note of the manufacture place eg...where the milk from. Cos last time i bought enfalac in sg is from nether land, then hubby bought from m'sia is thailand...taste also different loh....
  9. vonn81

    Cod Liver Oil?

    my girl is coming to 16mths...i started giving her 2 weeks ago. 1 teaspoon. Its it too young?? she doesnt like it too. Initially she though is something goody...after feeding her few times she saw me coming with a spoon she shun away...hahah...but still give her..just coax lor..when she open her...
  10. vonn81

    The Fussiest Eater on the Planet!!!

    Hi, I did intro many variety to my gal, since she started semi-solids...but she is also not really true thou....its really like a nightmare to feed her on every meals. Of cos at times she is obedient, and it will be the happiest time of mine when i see her finishing up her food and...
  11. vonn81

    Is PAP or child care good?

    Hi, I have a friend who is a pri sch teacher. Her advise is go PAP too. Cos, she can see the diff between a child attending CC or PAP. Child who attended PAP can pick up better in sch. As she said PAP is following the SG pri sch way of teaching so they can easily pick up. As for those more ex...
  12. vonn81

    Prevenar & Pneumococcal Vaccine

    oh i think is the same leh....just different in saying...cos i heard my doc saying prevenar too when i send her for her Pneumcoccal jab...maybe u can check with the doc? maybe either one is the name of the drug?
  13. vonn81

    OMG! I'm pregnant!!!

    ConGrats....enjoy your pregnancy..... Yup i agreed... Its depends on how u look on it. So far i have good experience with KKH too. I also recommend Dr. Irene Chua. I'm very comfortable with her. I'm lucky to random pick her as my gynae. I will definitely go to her again if i have my 2nd child...
  14. vonn81

    Feeling helpless and sad frustrationssssss

    Ya she looks ok to me ley...not sumo lah aiyo...hahahah...hope her fever will subside soon...take care...
  15. vonn81

    Feeling helpless and sad frustrationssssss

    i tot so i just add into the soup today...hehehe...she took alittle s usual lah...better than nothing.... Oh 10-25th percentile not underweight? but she just past One yr old ok lah... still bfding somemore...n u r small size mah... I hope on 20th+- this mth i bring her for her...
  16. vonn81

    Feeling helpless and sad frustrationssssss

    thats wat i think i wont go buy those really for kai wei n let her eat...cos i also dont like her to be too chubby chubby type....unless she is underweight la..but for the huai san right its till good for health so i will just add to soup once awhile lor...shld be fine lah....Alicia...
  17. vonn81

    Feeling helpless and sad frustrationssssss

    ok i'll take down ur no. ya....actually i was thinking of making soup too...since i wanna try the huai shan but dont think she will wan porridge lo....thank u so much Pei Qing... wah so late still working? he very hardworking leh...ok turn in early,...hahah its late too got to...
  18. vonn81

    Feeling helpless and sad frustrationssssss

    i dont wanna use seasoning to cook her food salt, light soya.... i've try sesame oil 2 times actually but think whether ok or not so ask lo. I just bought treadfin today...i got some corn, carrots...frozen chicken filet n pork i think...
  19. vonn81

    Feeling helpless and sad frustrationssssss lah she is not consider underweight leh....i got let her eat a kind of chinese herb...the white white colour things...forgot the name...the person told me is for kaiwei one...can add inside porridge to cook...i use a few time b4..but very long nv use liao...maybe can try that...