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    Want to sell : Avent Sterilizer and Haenim Playard

    Selling away Avent Sterilizer condition 7/10 @ $70 Haenim Playard condition 5/10 @ $50. Unable to download the pics but may whatsapp me for the pics if keen. Hp: 91800369.
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    WTS: Inglesina Car Seat

    Hi.. sorry.. best price is $130
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    WTS: Inglesina Car Seat

    Hi Mummies, intend to sell away the following Inglesina car seat @ $150. Lightly used. Condition 8/10.
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    Infant care at Woodlands

    Hi. Just wanna share to those mummies who are looking for a nanny for ur infant in Woodlands area. She is a stay home Malay lady and can take care of infants. So far I have no problem with her taking care of my baby ever since I get back to work. As my hubby and I are working on shifts and...
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    Zuo Yumin- TCM Blk 505 AMK ave 8

    Went to see her.. she checked my pulse and just told me the usual stuff - not too drink cold drinks and do more sports. Nothing impressive about her. Can't speak English but her helper can speak little English and thus the language barrier as i'm non-Chinese. SO COULDN'T RELATE MUCH to her about...
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    Edd jan 2013

    Hi.. Can I check.. My first baby was delivered by Dr Irene Chua and no doubt she's a super good gynae.. But that was way back when I saw her at the private suite in KK.. i understand she's now at Gleneagles and I wud like to know her charges.. Any idea mummies??
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    TCM or clomid?

    Ah ok.. thanks for the reply dear.. guese i try clomid first and see how it goes.. so far doctor prescribed me two cycles first.]
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    TCM or clomid?

    Hi! I need ur opinion.. i'm trying for a 2nd child and its been almost a year.. i've had a miscarriage once and an ectopic preg once.. so i was wondering should i take clomid as suggested by my family doctor or try TCM? Thank you for ur kind advice :)
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    Nursing Baby to Sleep

    Agree with Ast mummy! I do nurse my baby to sleep cuz I'm super lazy to wake up in the wee hours to make FM. Surprisingly, baby goes back to sleep again and can sleep for abt 6-8 hrs without FM..
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    Does having menses means I'm ovulating?

    Ast mummy.. Tks for ur concern. Yup I was indeed pregnant but unfortunately it was an ectopic pregnancy thus the bleeding and spotting. Just had my ops last week and my Fallopian tube was removed on one side. :(
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    Does having menses means I'm ovulating?

    Oh ok tks too.. Like vivic mummy, just gave birth to my #1 in may. As age is catching up, I'm trying for #2 but can't quite track my cervical mucus cuz I've been spotting for quite sometime.
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    Does having menses means I'm ovulating?

    Vivic, how old is ur number one?
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    Does having menses means I'm ovulating?

    Dear mummies, I'm partially bf my son (like once or twice a day just to put him to sleep) and my menses is not heavy and its just spotting a bit of blood/brownish discharge. Does this mean that I'm ovulating? Can I still conceive at this stage? Pls help..
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    Hi! U are referring to the Avent single breastpump?

    Hi! U are referring to the Avent single breastpump?
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    Do you circumcise your boy?

    I Have done my 2 mThs old baby at dr sidek. The amount is $350 deductible by medisave and u just need to pay $25 cash for medicine. Bring along the baby's birth cert, and if you are using your medisave will b ur IC and ur CPF statement
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    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    Hi.. I had this massage lady who did my post natal massage. Her name is Mdm Shima and she is very profesional and her massages are relaxing..i'm very impressed with her service :)
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    WTS: GNC Fenugreek 610mg

    Im sorry item sold to a nice mummy..
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    WTS: GNC Fenugreek 610mg

    WTS: GNC Fenugreek 610mg - SOLD Hi mummies, I have a bottle of unopened GNC Fenugreek bought in JUne 2011..selling at $15, bought at $29.90. I bought 2 bottles and after consuming half bottle, my milk flow increased thus I stopped eating me if interested 91800369..
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    ~ High Blood Pressure & Bedrest ~

    Hi mummies... Any idea if feeling breathless is related to high blood pressure? I had my last check up my Bp was 140/85 @ 35 weeks..
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    Baby Weight At 3rd Trimester

    Oh ok izanyzam.. Thank you for the info :)