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    kids clothings

    Dear All, Kids clothings for your little ones? Do check us out at the following site: Kids Lodge Liike us on our facebook and get 10% discount coupon.
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    Pre-loved item

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    WTS Grow milk powder for 3-6yo.

    Hi, I have 2 sachets of Grow milk powder letting go at $3.00. Collection at Punggol Place. Expiry date Jan 2015.
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    IQ Gain stage 4 / Isomil Soy follow up Stage 2

    Sold. Thread closed
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    Pre-loved item

    Price reduced to $12.00. Any taker? Want to clear as much as possible.
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    IQ Gain stage 4 / Isomil Soy follow up Stage 2

    Selling: Gain IQ stage 4(2 Sachets expire Jan 2015) and a $5 voucher expires March 2014. Selling at $3.00 for all. Isomil Soy follow up stage 2 (1 tin of 400g expires Jan 2015) and (4 sachets expire Sept 2014). Selling at $13.00 for all. Collection at either Punggol Place or Bedok...
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    Pre-loved item

    up... any takers?
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    4 year old daughter still in diapers- When was your girl potty trained?

    i am having same prob with my boy too. he turning 3 next mth but he still wear diapers.. he will tell us he poo and pee after he finish those actions!! i am also trying to find ways to make him go toilet... sigh~ i heard from some parents is that they let the kid to sit on potty and watch tv ...
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    WTS Dumex Mamil Gold PreciNutri Stage 3

    this is 900g or 1.7kg?
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    Pre-loved item

    Hi, Selling some pre-loved items. do pm if interested.
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    food that cause poo to be black color

    Hi, i would like to ask if any food that cause poo to be black color? my 9mo boy is having black poo. Asked my mil wat she fed she said only breastmilk with cereal, porridge cooked with potato, carrot and pork. sweet potatos. but i dun think these food will cause black poo.
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    Halloween and children day celebration at 303 mph punggol central

    Hello All, There is a halloween and children day celebration at 303 mph punggol central this coming sat 26 oct from 12 to 9pm. Flea market is from 12 pm to 8pm :) do come and join us. Babylodge will be having a booth at the flea market :)
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    Flea market at punggol place 303 mph

    Dear all, There is a flea market going on this coming sunday 13 oct at punggol place blk 303 mph. Babylodge is having a stall there. We are at stall M2. Do join us :) We are selling young children clothes, partyware, watches and sand arts.
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    dr benjamin tham wai lum

    My is 1 bedder n my nurses gd.. 2 bedder I nt sure but I dun like 2 bedder coz room v small n u will need lots of rest so 1 bedder better keke n baby can b w u longer
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    dr benjamin tham wai lum

    Hihi personally I feel the nurses are great.. but I think heng suay lah.. u can opt yo deliver at other hospital but must pay higher charge lor.. I suggest u stick to tmc. Get 1 bedder keke.. dr ben package is reasonable la.. not to worry..hope u enjoy ur visit keke..
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    Jan Baby Pretty Mummies

    Wah seh west guest.. ok who is ice kacang haha.. me totally cant rem. Gym?
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    do not get pigeon breast milk storage bags

    Dun drop the bag ok le haha
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    22mth toddler cry in playgroup

    hi bendi, just continue. it's normal that some kids cry during 1 week. my son 1st day no cry but 2nd day on cries everyday but only awhile coz they will be more interested with class and frenz haha.. dun worry the crying mostly stop a few days or worst 2wks to 1 mth :) cheers
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    Any breast feed mom out there?

    hi diza, you are lucky bb dun bite keke.. my son sometime bite n pull~~ will cry haha
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    do not get pigeon breast milk storage bags

    pigeon and nanny are the 2 best milk bags i found to be. tollyjoy stop production due to dunno watever reason. i agree sometime pigeon and nanny bags will break but guess is either store too much in 1 bag or dropped the bag when milk is frozen. i had lost quite a number too but is becoz of my...