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  1. SH74

    Do I offended chinese God if I kneel down when praying?

    My thoughts... Got heart can already.. Dun be too bothered or pantang by everything as it'll affect the baby.
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    so sorry for d late reply. didnt get any notification on ur msg. i'm sure ur son hv recovered...

    so sorry for d late reply. didnt get any notification on ur msg. i'm sure ur son hv recovered by now. we went to another PD again n we realised it's due to d new food my MIL gave my son. she cooked porridge w pork bones which is too oily for my son's stomach to take. n cos of dat, he got...
  3. SH74

    Do you circumcise your boy?

    gigi > how old is ur boy? i cant bear to bring my boy for it now. cos he's at d semi-understand-things stage. though he can alr talk but sometimes he'll still choose to throw his frustrations to us instead of telling us wat happen.
  4. SH74

    epidural or oxyen gas...

    actu it depends on a few things. some ppl can go thru d whole delivery w jus oxygen gas cos they find d pain bearable. some r scared of needles so dun wan epi. some cos it's too late for epi. for me, though i'm scared of needles but i'm more scared of immense pain, so i choose epi right away...
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    Would you rather be home ALONE with baby or with parent/inlaws around as well?

    i prefer to b home alone w baby. parents ard still ok. as for in-laws, once a while, i dun mind. haha...
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    Hw to cure bloated tummy?

    take small meals. dun eat too full each time. ginger drinks help too.
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    Pan Tang Matters

    i think direct family members know during 1st tri is ok la. no need so pantang 1 la. some ppl not pantang, oso experienced miscarriage.
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    Do you circumcise your boy?

    we dun intend to do at this age. we intend to do for him when he's in his pri sch. but seems like alot suggest doing when they r less den 6 mths old. is it cos it's more painful if do when they r much older? recovery slower?
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    Fever fever~

    when my boy got high fever, i tried all methods, like, letting him wear light cotton sleeveless clothes n keep d place cool n airy so dat his temp can go down. he's still active n playing, so i'll alw carry a wet towel w me to sponge him when he's engrossed w his playing. i even gave him cold...
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    Son refused to eat medicine

    my boy nv hv prob taking med until recently. initially we resort to mixing med w abit of fruit juices or milk. but doc say it's not advisable cos it'll dilute the med n might hv other reaction when mix w it. suggest dat we forcefeed. she said it's normal for this age to behave like dat. they'll...
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    Paranoid wife

    flyaway > i feel dat d prob lies w u n ur hormones. u know if u cont to behave like dat, it wont b healthy as a couple n for ur child? do hv a good talk to ur hb abt this. n oso reassure urself dat ur hb is still faithful to u n loves u dearly. if u think u r losing ur attraction, do something...
  12. SH74

    Gender at 16 weeks??

    usu gynae can confirm gender earlier (4 mths) if it's a boy. if by 4 mths, still cant c anything sticking out, gynae will usu say not sure yet. den wait till 5 mths den c again. cos gynae dun wan to disappoint the couple. at least dat's wat my gynae does la.
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    Natural way to handle Morning Sickness

    well.. look on d bright side.. ur husbands will appreciate u more seeing u suffer so much to give him a baby. it makes a diff as compared to husband's mindset towards wife w easy preg.
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    going to the dentist

    very true! hahaha... imagine d dentist clean half way n you merlion..
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    Pan Tang Matters

    i think 1st tri better not visit la. jus in case.
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    Tell tale sign of baby's gender

    i oso heard dat d worse ur MS b, d more stable d preg will b. but it's not true at all. it's jus a myth - old wives' tale. as for mummy's appearance, when i hv my boy, my face complexion is EXTREMELY horrible. acne all over. so this also not true. another myth. hahaha... as for weight loss, i...
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    Is one person able to take care of BB

    when the CL is gone, make sure u give ur wife ur full support n understanding. n b extra sensitive towards her feelings n actions. if u notice her being frustrated or stressed or upset, quickly step in n show ur LOVE n CARE for her. it's norm for babies to react this way. that's y right fr...
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    Natural way to handle Morning Sickness

    actu it's v ez to curb MS. unless those really serious n rare ones or those jus seeing food or thinking of food will make u puke. jus alw make sure that your stomach is not empty esp b4 sleep and/or after u get up.
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    Do you circumcise your boy?

    oh no.. how? my hb n i intend to do for our boy when he's in his pri sch. but seems like it's better to do it as young as possible. any1 do for their boys when they r older? is it really more painful? recovery still as fast?
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    How to cough out phelgm

    gumi, my boy finished d med alr. n i threw it away. u may wan to check w ur PD for the med dat'll make them vomit out d phelgm. it's actu a side effect which some kids may have aft eating.