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    East Area - Looking For Looking for Bb Sitter / Nanny

    Have u tried bbnanny? Can go to their website to take a look...
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    Hi, Can I know when will my post be approved? As I've send it last week.. Thanks alot

    Hi, Can I know when will my post be approved? As I've send it last week.. Thanks alot
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    Not very ex.. I think their website got indicate? Abt 170 i think... cos its over a yr ago... cant really recall the actual amt... :P
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    Thomson Paediatric clinic - Dr Ang Ai Tin

    Haha.. But sometimes I find her quite impatient n a bit "chop chop"... But sometimes she also quite a funny person, as she often cracks "cold" jokes... Hahaha
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    No worries.. Yup, ur rite! Agent fee is only paid once, after u selected the nanny successfully. After that, payment is made direct to the nanny on the monthly payment. Tell ur sis not to worry lor, cos she'll find her ideal nanny thru this service.
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    Thomson Paediatric clinic - Dr Ang Ai Tin

    No prob.. Do u have any problems or issues with her...
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    Quit job for baby making project?

    Hi all, Think other than the wife need to do their part, the husband also need to be involved too.. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion, if we ladies provides a good environment, shouldn't the men also make sure they have a healthy n active lifestyle, so that the sperm would be healthy n strong...
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    Yup.. That's rite! But if the 1st nanny does not meet your requirement, u r still allowed to look at 2nd or 3rd nanny before u decide on the final one. Yes, the nanny is still looking after my son, been almost a yr Liao.. I would say she is quite a attentive and caring person, thus, I do set...
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    my fetus is too small.HELP!

    not to worry too much. You r just 1 month plus pregnant... Just stay happy n eat wisely, slowly the baby will grow.. I think u should be taking folic acids rite now? Else u can ask from ur gynae..
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    Hi LilMissy, I had dealed directly with the director of bbnanny. guess he's sole runner for the whole company. But he's quite a nice guy. So far I only deal once, cos the 1st nanny he intro is my current nanny. There will be another mtg day to pay the agent n the nanny 1st month salary on...
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    Hope u'll find your ideal nanny.. Good Luck!! :)
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    Nope.. I sent him over on Monday morning and bring him back on Friday nite. Actually, babies are very versatile. If he prefers the nanny when u r bringing him home means the nanny had been very good to him which makes him reluctant to leave. Its also a good news that the nanny had well taken...
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    Does contraction pains feels the same as diarrhoea pains?

    For me, contraction pain is many times more than a normal period pain.. and when u reach the last stage when your cervix had stretched to 9-10cm, u will have a strong urge to push like when u need pass motion... That's how I feel personally... Mine started when my water bag broke during early...
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    Thomson Paediatric clinic - Dr Ang Ai Tin

    Yupz.. She's my son PD since he was born...
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    Any good nanny in Yishun?

    Yupz.. I used thier svc before.. and that's how i got a good nanny n till now my boy is 14 mth old, but I still send him to this nanny intro by bbnanny. They may charge abit higher, but if the nanny is of quality n can set my mind at ease when i m working, its worth the $$. Cos I had some bad...
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    Baby sitter needed at tampines area

    Hi all, Would like to get a baby sitter at tampines area, willing to take care baby boy from 3mth old onwards n able to take care from Sunday nite to Friday morning weekly. Interested party, please post in this thread.