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  1. -jOanna

    Irrrgular Period

    Is it ok to check with gynae when there's still bleeding? Or shd i wait til bleeding ends?
  2. -jOanna

    Irrrgular Period

    Implantation bleeding will last for 4days from wed til now and still bleeding :/ anemic alrdy for losing so much blood... Oh ya there are some clots in the blood...
  3. -jOanna

    Irrrgular Period

    i juz had my period from 16-21 oct, me and hubby had sex on 25oct and he eject in me, on 29oct also.. but im having period again on 31oct til now still bleeding.. is it normal?? having severe backache and some tummy cramps on this current period, feeling very tired.. scared womb have problem :(...
  4. -jOanna

    Finally found the most effective,comprehensive and safest way of slimming.

    Hi ! email me details., thanks
  5. -jOanna

    Interested to slim down via acupuncture. Any recommendation?

    Hi mummies ! I'm into LFI slimming sanctuary programme also. I've shedded 4kg for 1st 2 weeks. And looking forward for more kg lost :D for 2 yrs being a mummy, looking really darn shag and stuff, wanna do something to dote myself and make myself pretty again :D I feel that it's our own...
  6. -jOanna

    Hey Feliz! You still looking for ways to slim down ma? Cuz I'm in this slimming program for 3...

    Hey Feliz! You still looking for ways to slim down ma? Cuz I'm in this slimming program for 3 months, not TRA. Now I've shedded off 4kg of fats for 1st 2 weeks and i'm so motivated to look at myself slim down ! :D I'm a mother of one since 2009 and can't find ways to slim down til my fren intro...
  7. -jOanna

    Herbalife... anyone want to share

    Hi guys! I'm in this slimming program also :D and I've shedded 4.8kg in 2 weeks! amazing! Mine is not TRA though, it also focuses on healthy lifestyle and no need to exercise also.. interested can pm me for more details :D
  8. -jOanna

    Hey u wanna lose weight? I'm into a slimming program now, cuz after 2 yrs since baby girl...

    Hey u wanna lose weight? I'm into a slimming program now, cuz after 2 yrs since baby girl borned, had tried all sorts of slimming centres and cant lose, and currently in this slimming centre, almost same like TRA but it's not TRA, focus on healthy lifestyle one. u interested? Cuz after 2 weeks i...
  9. -jOanna

    HELP..!! how can i lose weight after givin birth

    Hi ! I'm a mother of one, my girl is 2yr old already. I got to know a slimming centre at Marine Parade and lost 2kg there after 1 week ! and I'm still on the programme!
  10. -jOanna

    **2011** Rabbit Mama Pls Gather here **

    haha! i also planning for a rabbit baby! cuz 2yr diff den morning class tgt and afternoon tgt ! HAHA!
  11. -jOanna

    Am I too Petty?

    My hubby went to buy the "yi shao guang" b4 baby go over and stick stick so ants will die lol.. I still prefer own house lor.. hais.. too bad my husband so OLD FASHION.. hais..
  12. -jOanna

    EDD in Oct'09

    wha so fast? mine in jan !
  13. -jOanna

    Am I too Petty?

    Actually Im quite ok with them.. They very good just that dun like people interfere how I gonna bring up my bb and wad I've planned for after I start work..
  14. -jOanna

    Signs of labour?

    dun worry. when my waterbag broke at home, and reached hospital, they said im not dilated at all! and my waterbag BROKE! haha.. then they induced me :) took 25hrs to dilate lor! omg
  15. -jOanna

    Am I too Petty?

    About the sanitizer part, TMC gives us a free sanitizer.. also nv use, they use at hospital only.. they feel baby 2mth+ le old enuff.. but FIL still ask us wrap her tighter on cold days.. My bb also will bite her mittens when she hungry.. haha.. The injection part, my mum went with me.. she...
  16. -jOanna

    Am I too Petty?

    My Hubby LOVES his family more.. So whatever advantages always think of his family 1st. He asked me to love his family but I told him "U dun even love my family how u expect me to love ur family?" Den now he treats my mum better.. He doesnt even shout at his mum why he come shout at my mum? My...
  17. -jOanna

    EDD in Oct'09

    I have around 6kg i think. sians! how to shed! i can wear back most of my clothes except i think my HIPS went bigger! argh! my pants all cant wear :(
  18. -jOanna

    Am I too Petty?

    I duno am I over-reacted or wad but I really dun like people carry girl when she not crying, if not she wants to be carried always! 1) When me and my maid was preparing for baby's shower, my MIL walked into my room and carry baby and keep talking to her, and it's the same 2 sentences, "奶奶抱抱"...
  19. -jOanna

    Couple's time

    I leave my girl with my mum when me and hubby needs to go out.. but it's like a few hours..
  20. -jOanna

    going back to work?

    This is a problem to me now.. I'm gonna return to work on 1st january.. Sad to say but my jobscope is shift work, cuz my company operates 24/7.. It's so hard for me.. hais.. If I quit also need notice period.. If I'm gonna be a SAHM, my hubby's pay is not enough for us de...