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    When to change milk bottle

    Hi, I am using avent milk bottles now. No defect so far but just wonder when long do mummies use the bottles? Thanks! :)
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    Liang Food Caterer

    Hi, Anyone has experience using Liang Food Caterer? I am thinking of using them for my son's birthday. Deciding on the food items, mummies who have use them before, can let me know if the food is nice? - Rendang Chicken - Fish Fritter with Tartar Sauce - Loontong Vegetables TuaKuoh...
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    Super hungry at night

    My baby, 10mths old has been waking up 2 times in the middle of the night to drink milk. Almost like every 3hrs on the average. I thought at this age he should be able to sleep thoughout the night. Anyone with the same situation?
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    From bottle to cup

    Hi, my son is 8mths now. Thinking of letting him, try using drinking cup to drink water. what type/brand of cups are you using for your dear baby? Pls advice. Thanks.
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    Baby's preference

    Recently, baby don't want his daddy to carry him to sleep, will cry non-stop(makes his daddy v sad). He will stop crying immediately after i carry him. My baby is only 3 mths plus, can recognise people and choose who to carry him.... Anyone has the same experience?
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    I am currently using Cadi Ear and forehead thermometer. When i bring my son to the clinic yesterday, the measurement of their ear thermometer is 37.1 degrees and my thermometer shows 36.6 degrees. This is making me worried as i may not detected fever (if any) if the thermometer is not accurate...
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    Ooi Baby & Child Clinic

    Any comments on the above clinic located in Yishun?
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    How much milk to give to new born?

    Hi mummies, Currently my baby (1 week old) is on breast milk and supplement with formula milk because my milk suppy is still low.. I only managed to pump 40ml and supplement with another 40ml of formula. Enough?
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    Typical Visit to Gynae

    Hi, Hows your visit to gynae like? For me, it like after entering the room, doc ask how r u then do the scan and hear bb heartbeat and tell you to see him 4 weeks later and off you go.. The visit usually takes around 5min. I know it means everything is going well.. But as 1st time mummy...
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    Getting Breathless

    Any mummies also get breathlesss easily at this stage? Mine is bad in the morning...
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    Diarrhoea during Pregnancy

    Dear all, I am having diarrhoea this morning. Just started to take multi-vitamins and calcium tablets this morning, called KKH but they say so far they do not have any feedback on the vitamins causing diarrhoea, could be the food i taken.. Anyone has the same experience? I am just in the...