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  1. izanyzam

    East Area - Looking For ~ Muslim Babysitter Urgently Required at Simei ~

    I am looking for a muslim lady to take care of my 3year old boy and 2year old girl.. 1 or 2 days per week ( alternate days..not continuously only on weekdays ) from 6.30am to 7.30pm..Babysitter must reside in Simei area as i am living in Simei Street 4..Salary negotiable..Please contact me at...
  2. izanyzam

    ~WTS : Brand new Avent bottle accessories ~

    Hi mummies & daddies..i have all the items shown to sell off..all are BRAND NEW..the teats that are out frm the package are size 2 (these were removed from new Avent bottles)..and the ones in d packaging are size 4..and 3pcs of adapters for Avent bottles..letting go the whole lot for only...
  3. izanyzam

    ~ WTS : Avent bottle accessories ~

    Hi mummies & daddies..i have all the items shown to sell off..all are BRAND NEW..the teats that are out frm the package are size 2 (these were removed from new Avent bottles)..and the ones in d packaging are size 4..and 3pcs of adapters for Avent bottles..letting go the whole lot for only...
  4. izanyzam

    ~ WTS : Pre-loved Goodbaby tandem stroller ~

    Hi mummies & daddies..bought this stroller frm a fellow mummy..i still prefer my other stroller so letting this go for $150..condition 8/10..self collect from simei st.4..interested pls WA/SMS me at 91813772..Thank you..for specs pls see
  5. izanyzam

    ~ WTS - Pre-Loved Moms In Mind Sling for $15 ~

    Hi Mummies and Daddies..I have a pre-loved Moms In Mind sling in blue and white stripes..Bought it more than 1 year ago..Condition 9/10 though coz ive only used it twice as my girl prefers to be carried in her baby bjorn..Strictly self collect frm Simei Street 4..Interested pls WA/SMS me at...
  6. izanyzam

    ~ WTS : Brand New without tags baby girl dress ~

    Hi..i have a brand new but no tags dark purple dress for 3-6months baby girl.. $7 including normal postage..SMS/WA me at 91813772..thanks
  7. izanyzam

    ~WTS : Pre-loved Madela Mini Electric Single Breastpump for $50 (neg) ~

    Hi Mummies & Daddies..I bought this in early 2012..Used just a couple of times as my girl was mainly on latch on and formula milk..Condition still good..Tried and tested running well on adapter as well as on batteries..Bought it at close to $190..No more warranty though so fussies pls stay...
  8. izanyzam

    ~ WTS : Brand New Unopened 1.8kg tin Gain IQ Kid (for 3yrs onwards) ~

    Hi Mummies & Daddies..I have a brand new unopened 1.8kg tin of Gain IQ Kid (for 3yrs onwards) bought from NTUC (Spore source) 2 weeks ago..Expire May 2015..Selling for $47..Strictly self collect from Simei St 4..Interested pls SMS/WA me at 91813772..Thank You..
  9. izanyzam

    ~ WTS : Unopened 1.8kg Gain IQ (latest formula) ~

    Hi mummies..Selling off this unopened 1.8kg tin of Gain IQ (latest formula)..Bought it at $73 just yesterday from NTUC..As you can see frm d recepit dated 04/10/13..Expires 2015..Self collect from Simei MRT for $65..Interested pls SMS/WA me at 91813772.thank u.. ♥
  10. izanyzam

    ~ WTS : Chicco High Chair ~

    Hello Mummies & Daddies..i have a Chicco high chair for sale.. Comes with a detachable tray..The seat as well as the footrest are fully adjustable to 3 positions..Able to recline..The paddings on d seat can be easily removed for washing.. Bought it for more than $200+..condition is about...
  11. izanyzam

    ~Yummi Bears Vitamins For Sale ~

    Hi selling off this UNOPENED bottle of Yummi Bears Wholesome Food + Antioxidant supplements..I just collected it today (bought it frm d Groupon offer for $16.50) only to find out dat it is not suitable for muslim consumption because of d gelatin.. So im selling it off for $10 only...
  12. izanyzam

    ~ wtb : Lascal maxi buggy board ~

    Hi Mummies & Daddies..I'm urgently looking for a Lascal Maxi Buggy Board..Kindly PM me or SMS/Watsapp me at 91813772..Thank u.
  13. izanyzam

    East Area - Looking For Muslim babysitter URGENTLY needed..!!

    Hello all..i am DESPARATELY in need of a muslim babysitter who is able to come over to my house in Simei st 4 to take care of my 3 boys are aged 4 and 2..and my daughter is 10months old.. As im a shift worker,she only needs to take care of my kids when im on my day shift..from 7am to...
  14. izanyzam

    ~ The birth of my Princess Norizzyana ~

    Been very busy with my newborn baby girl and my 2 active boys..Finally i got d chance to post tis announcement..!! :D Due to d advice from my gynae Dr.Paul Tseng..i have scheduled a c-sect on 30th April 2012 (my girl shares d same birthdate as my late mum) as during my last check-up,my baby...
  15. izanyzam

    Announcing the arrival of Baby Rizzal ~ 05.05.11 ~

    Hello mummies & daddies.. Sorry for the late post..Though i still would love to share the birth of my second son Norizzal on 05.05.2011...!! We decided to opt for an elective caesarean on that day with the advise of my gynae Dr.Paul Tseng..During my 38th plus week check-up,baby's weight was...
  16. izanyzam

    ~ Where to get Baby Pasta..?? ~

    Hello Mummies & Daddies..Curious to know where to get those pasta for babies or those ABC pastas..?? Been looking around at NTUC and Cold Storage but didnt seem to find them..!!!Please share yr inputs..!! Many THANKS in advance..!! :001_302:
  17. izanyzam

    ~ Be careful of IKEA paper measuring tape ~

    Dear Mummies & Daddies..Just a gentle reminder.. Please be careful when u let your little ones handle the paper measuring tape that IKEA provides for free..While they provide it as an act of goodwill to the customers..My little boy got his finger cut while playing with it..Mummy is to be blamed...
  18. izanyzam

    My 10mth-old boy on MILK STRIKE...!!!

    Dear mummies & daddies..!! Me and hubby have been worried coz since the past 2 weeks,our boy is refusing milk.Since he's on solids during the day,he used to drink about 180ml every 4-5hours at night.But now when he wakes up at night,he refused his milk.Only wants to drink plain water.This is...
  19. izanyzam

    ~ Pregnant with baby BOY vs Pregnant with baby GIRL ~

    Hello mummies & daddies...!!! I am currently about 8weeks pregnant with my No.2...!! :001_302: Experiencing nauseousness...Headaches..Didnt vomit that often though.This time round it feels a bit different.Recently ive developed scaly patches on my neck and the insides of my elbows..Also...
  20. izanyzam

    Diapers Most Suitable For Baby Boys..??

    Hello Mummies & Daddies..!!! Need advice here..My 8 mth old baby boy pees a lot..And i mean A LOT...!!! So the amount of pee is concentrated mostly at the front of the diapers..Nowadays,it leaks so often even if i change it once every 1-2 hours..!!! There were a couple of time when his pee will...