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    How old u want to live?

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    How often you visit your ILs?

    OOps I chose daily... Stay with ILs so consider daily rite?
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    What do you do when you are unhappy/sad?

    Cry and then find someone to talk to.
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    Dealing with In Laws

    IL and DIL hahaha never ending stories. Nobody is perfect. I stayed with IL so I know what all of you went through. Just hope that one day I do not need to stay with my DIL and I won't be the same as my MIL :Dancing_tongue:
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    Working mothers

    Hi Michelle, out of topic a bit here. My in laws house (they stay with my brother in-law and the wife) is the same block with me but don't know why they like to stay with us. Slowly they moved in by bringing their clothes etc to my house. They cook and live in my house, only their registered...
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    Working mothers

    Hi I am working mother too. In-laws stay with us, so better go to work :tlaugh: otherwise will have conflict. Just feel not enough time and sometimes feel guilty not to see enough my children growing up. But no choice ...:shyxxx:
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    OCBC Mighty Savers

    I cannot remember whether they have minimum amount. The first deposit was their angpow from their 1st month birthday and continue until today. If no minimum deposit then OCBC is better.
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    OCBC Mighty Savers

    I save in UOB for the kids under their own name. I put all their angpow money there and if they have savings from their pocket money.
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    How you split the cost of living

    Seems that I am the only one who pays for everything from my own income?:we3sad: But hopefully the situation will change after this CNY, I am holding his atm card now, just hope that he will transfer and have enough money inside it.:tlaugh:
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    should i go for union dinner?

    You should go. Agreed with other members, it's not easy for MIL to bow and say such things to DIL. And the problem is actually your SIL and not your MIL. Remember you have your DH because of your MIL gives birth to him. So forgive and forget. We will be old one day and we will be MIL next time...
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    CNY Ang Pow!

    Yes yes yes should ask from our DH this year. Say it's new custom hahaha
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    Is Chicken Poisonous?

    If chicken meat is poisonous then must be very limited food you can eat. I don't think so. I have survived 2 confinement period by eating chicken meat, and other stuffs "those heaty stuffs".
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    CNY Ang Pow!

    BTW, can we put our name on the ang pow? I saw it before. I think good idea, at least we know who gives that. Most of times, cannot remember who gives how much, as after receiving, my children will put the ang pow in their pocket. But after people will think we are stingy?
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    Does your DH give you money every month?

    Thank you for your advice. I will try to talk to him again. No, it's his own accounts. For children education, I have bought insurance for them, small amount but I hope will help a bit in the future. I do not want to think far ahead as the problems in front of me now still have not settled yet...
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    CNY Ang Pow!

    I think it depends on what your budget. For me, I give $200 each to parents-in-law and parents and my own children, $100-$200 to uncles who are not working, $50 to nephews and nieces, $10 to cousin's children, $4 to "don't know who is that" (guests of our guests). My DH said every year we have...
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    Does your DH give you money every month?

    Oh D is for divorce. Maybe it is better? At least get allowance decided by judge? But can't think of it. I do not know whether this kind of arrangement is common? Because his brother is also same, my SIL doesn't get any too. I ever complained to his sister, and his sister said that's the way...
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    Does your DH give you money every month?

    Agreed with you Autumn. Have to change role, that's why I think hard how to change. Credit card is under his name. But so far I still can afford to clear the bill, luckily he does not anyhow spend. My priority now is my children, just make sure I can afford to bring them up. I feel like...
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    Does your DH give you money every month?

    DH is dear husband but what is the other D? Sorry don't really understand as I just join this forum.
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    Does your DH give you money every month?

    No toto or 4D hahaha. I know he does not like to gamble. I tried before to get his atm, but after sometimes he is so angry with me because he said he does not have atm to pay for his expenses, at the end I return it to him. Anyway, his atm does not have much money inside. His saving is in the...