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    Employing maid

    Dear Mummies, I like to caution you on my bad experience with this maid agency - 1st Allbest Human Resources. Here is the story (and i have a video confession from the maid which I submitted to MOM): I took a fresh philippino maid from them in Dec 2014. During the phone interview and biodata...
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    Looking for transfer maid

    Dear Mummies After several bad experiences with maid agencies, I decided to look 4 a new helper without agent. I like to reach out to you if you have a maid 4 transfer, able n willing to care for children. Small size condo n children goes to infant care n childcare during day time. Thanks.
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    WTB: Medela Freestyle Pump

    already purchased. please ignore this thread. thanks
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    WTB: Medela Freestyle Pump

    Hi, Looking for preloved medela freestyle pump. Willing to pay $300 - $400 for good condition set. Contact me at 92473073 if you have. thanks cheers.
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    WTS: BN Medela Freestyle

    Hi, How much are you selling for? is the double electric? thanks cindy 92473073
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    EDD August 2014 interested too. Can u share details? Tx.
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    Looking for daily part time nanny (12 - 7pm)

    Im looking for a part time nanny to provide baby sitting services at my house (bedok reservoir area). Please contact me at 9247 3073 if you are interested. Requirement: - Daytime nanny from Monday to Friday - starts asap - experienced and residing in bedok reservoir road (opp kaki bukit) -...
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    EDD Sep 2010

    Hi Mrs Eg, which hospital is Dr Adelina Wong from? KK also? I have a bad experience with the waiting time in KK ..which is why..KK is probably out of my list. Plus i heard tt the doc who see you now in KK may not be the same doc who deliver you.
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    EDD Sep 2010

    I have just been confirmed pregnant this morning at my GP. EDD is 19 Sep. Was wondering if anybody has a gynae to recommend? Also, i heard they have package to cover for consultation + delivery. you girls heard of it?