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    how to clean baby hair scrap

    Yup... This method works for cradle cap as well.
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    is it alright to sleep on tummy?

    Yup yup, my god daughter's like that too.. Once they know how to flip, they'll flip here and there... My girl just learnt to flip onto her tummy (but can't flip back yet), and sometimes will find her asleep on her tummy.. Will be worried too so checked on her every now and then.
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    Sterilising feeding teats

    I put everything in steriliser too (pigeon).. According to the instructions, the bottles will be at the middle section and all other accessories (teats, spoon, bottle cover) on the top portion. Can't remember how long they can stay sterilised for thou'. Gotta read the manual again. Before i...
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    Any MTB drinking Coffee when u pregnant?

    Depending on your own body and health, you might suddenly have cravings for certain things.. I kept drinking soft drinks (i try to take non caffeinated ones like Sprite, Root Beer etc) and during my 3rd trimester, i was told to keep off sugar (esp soft drinks) coz my baby was growing too big and...
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    Is it ok to go for facial??

    When you call to book your apptmt, remember to let them know you are pregnant. They'll prepare accordingly. When you are more advanced in your pregnancy, can go for prenatal massage to release water retention and release some stress. Be a pretty mummy ya : )
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    Im going DRY!

    Can't keep giving in to her wor... What if she starts doing it in public as well?
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    Any MTB drinking Coffee when u pregnant?

    I drink tea everyday, coffee i limit to twice a week, and decaf one if possible.
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    Yup yup, farting is common among babies... Sometimes my girl farts but doesn't poo, and she seldom burp too... so funny when she farts, coz the family members will look at each other and ask "did u just fart"? heehee...
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    Losing hair by the handful!!

    My colleague ask me to try "Bawang" hair fall control shampoo... Says it works for her. She used to be using Phyto before that but doesn't seem to help much.
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    Advise on Similac milk powder for newborn

    All along the vaccines can be deducted from baby bonus or cda account. Now we can use medisave to pay for the vaccinations.
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    Dunstan Baby Language - understand the meaning of baby's cries

    She's most probably having colic... Try to search on ways to soothe a colicky baby.
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    Losing hair by the handful!!

    I started losing hair when my girl turns 3 mths, now still losing hair by the hundreds everyday. Been 1.5 mths of hair loss already!! Nothing much we can do as the hair is in the resting stage now.. have to continue washing your hair everyday thou' its scary to see so much hair come off, have...
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    Returning to work

    You have to see what type of schedule suits you best... I pump twice in the office, once before lunch and another time before i knock off, interval of around 4-5 hours, everytime 120-150ml, around 30-40 mins each time, coz mine is the Medela Swing, only one pump! Can save time if you have dual...
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    Returning to work

    That's really good advice. Usually i just use hot water to rinse before and after i pump, and realise before my next pump, sometimes the funnel smells...
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    baby eating own leg

    Haha.. Cannot be la, dd has been playing and biting her toes but i'm not pregnant wor... Oh, did u mean have to bite the leg? Toes not counted? My girl's nipple one is out, one is in.. does it mean i'll have twins next?
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    Rotavirus vaccine

    Oh.. didn't know there's killed and live virus... If my baby took the live virus the first dose, can she take the killed virus the second dose? Will the vaccine still be effective?
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    how to supplement BM with FM?

    Yes, it's best to finish the FM within a month or it'll "lao hong=release wind". I kept a bottle of Similac at home and opened it during her full mth celebration (too busy to bf her then). I forgot about it and wanted to use it again recently and realise that when i make the formula, the colour...
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    Very yellow milk - becos i took multi-vit?

    Hi Isabelandrew, You took 2 multi vits? Everythings ok w you? I used to take the Obimin, but had to stop coz i'm very constipated after delivering my baby, and my GP asked me to stop or to take the pre/post natal multi vits on alternate days cos its "heaty"...
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    mustela products

    Can find Mustela easily... Watsons, Guardian etc all carry mustela... Slightly pricier than the other brands...
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    Using stout to bathe newborn

    Huh? There's such a thing going on? Using stout to bath baby???? OMG... Think you should call the helplines - Wyeth, Abott, Dumex etc or your hospital parentcraft to find out if it's ok before doing that.