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    WTS:BRANDNEW BIBS UNISEX $1each(not for fussy)

    Many brandnew bibs for sale at $1 each. postage+misc excluded. example:10 bibs is $2 normal local mail received too Many as gifts kindly wat apps me for pictures. thank you 82338273
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    Many Telemarketers needed

    Telemarketers needed *Jurong area *Basic + commission email resume to or sms 82338273
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    PROMOTER/ SALES CONSULTANT (PART/ FULL TIME) in many areas near supermarket

    Our company is reputable in the channel sales industry. We are fast expanding and are looking for dynamic individuals to join our team. Your Task: * Responsible for acquisition through allocated sales channel * Responsible to achieve monthly target * Closely follow up with prospect What we...
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    UZAPP SOLUTIONS PTE LTD , we are looking for Accounts Consultant to be part of our team. SALES SPECIALIST | SALES EXECUTIVE | SALES TEAM LEADER Duties and Responsibilities: Service existing clients and generate new business Sales Canvassing Follow up and provide consultation to prospect...
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    WaterBay Punggol EC

    hi anyone interested in waterbay ec can e mail mi for info. will update ur every now and then when we have the latest update on the project :)
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    Urgent: Looking for transfer Filipino maid from Nation

    Hi i hv a filipino wat apps mi for more information :) thank you82338273
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    Milk Boosting Soup Recipies to share?

    Green papaya boiled with threadfin fish soup can add in 2 of red date remove seed. boiled till the soup colour is milky white Pork ribs "fen ge" soup can add in red dates too. soup colour looks like lotus soup can add in dry scallop in the soup u cook too my confinement lady told me...
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    Need recommendation

    pm replied... auntie tianhua got herself a spore line ur can call her at 98963237 or 013-9977374 to chk out more details from her thank you :)
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    Need recommendation

    hihi...all pms replied due to alot of enquiries i think it will be better for me to leave her num here so ur can chk the details with her personally :) +6-013-9977374 auntie tianhua
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    any mums-to-be not working at the moment?

    right now.. most important is rest well and rem to eat the supplements doc give :)
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    any mums-to-be not working at the moment?

    actuali u can go to scan alrdy thou u oni get to see a little black dot hehe but the gynae will give u folic acid & vitamin to eat :)
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    any mums-to-be not working at the moment?

    hi, welcome :) dun tink it dat way....i also stop my werkin since i am 5 weeks pregnant too :) now my baby is alrdy 2 weeks old liao.... enjoy ur days during pregnancy cos it will be over veri fast :) then ur little darling will be smiling at u :)
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    Need recommendation

    pms all reply :) anyway jus to add on i did let the cl know that i hv dogs at home at the first place she also tell me that she dont know how to bath for dogs & i say is ok my hubby will do it cos was told she was bitten by dogs during young times.... tis cl was intro by my gd friend...
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    Need recommendation

    hi...i am here in tis thread to recommend my confinement lady.... Auntie Tianhua from malaysian(pahang) right now i am still doing my confinement.... :) tis cl is recommend by my friend cl which we find is quite gd bring my baby sun tan at 8 am cook breakfast,lunch,dinner (for whole...
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    Charges for Delivery - THE BIG DAY

    Yah agree totally!!!! "claps claps" :)
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    HELP !!! I am like a "Money-Tree and "Maid".

    Cherish what u hv...all the best :)
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    HELP !!! I am like a "Money-Tree and "Maid".

    No one is perfect....from what u written here....ur husband is consider very very gd alrdy.... only get 20% of his income for himself....contributing 80% to the hsehold....and cant contribute $ to his own parents ...what u expect from him somemore... maybe u should tink in tis way u r alot...
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    Edd Nov 2010

    I am almost done with washing and packing. Now I left with start buying some stuff to boil the red dates drink and for boiling tonics soup :) But is gd to start packing and to get ready first cos we dun know when baby is coming out even the edd is at nov. Pack abit daily then won't be...
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    Edd Nov 2010

    Usually the checklist will be at the counter of the cashier at the baby department....but of cos u can just ask the staff of the baby department for it :)
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    Edd Nov 2010

    I bought the avent single electronic breastpump bundle or no gd I dun Noe Maybe u can rent it during hospital stay... If after using the pump is gd then ask ur hubby go buy for u :)