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    soya bean milk machine

    I agree there are all kinds of food processing machine in the market today. You just need to get what suits your family lifestyle best. So far my Joyoung machine has been very good. I use the fibre as fertiliser for my plants (especially my pandan leaves). Now I can smell my pandan leaves when...
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    Tips , Ideas - Cooking my own meals

    If you want simple recipe, I always feel that baking chicken is the easiest. Most difficult part is to think what marinade you want to add! The rest is just throw the whole baking tray into the oven and set it at about 180 degree. Bake until it's brown. And that's your simple hassle free main...
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    How To Make Potato Salad

    Yummy! My hubby loves potato salad. Will try it out. Thanks! I add bits of celery & red bell pepper cos we like the one from Kenny Rogers. Not forgetting black pepper!
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    Cheesecake (non bake)

    Used to bake cheesecake a lot cos I love it. I always thought the non-bake one is denser & richer because the whole cheesecake is nothing but cream cheese. The baked one is 'fluffier' as you add egg and after baking, slightly less dense. but at the end of the day, I think just as fattening...
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    joyoung soya milk maker

    Thanks for your advise! I decided to buy my Joyoung soymilk maker from local shop as I feel safer knowing there is a service center here if I need to service my machine. Somemore I found out it is the same company of my Turbo stove etc. Also I know for sure it is genuine! Safety first, man!
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    soya bean milk machine

    I bought this Joyoung soymilk maker last year after seeing it everywhere. No regret till now! Love it! My kids love the pudding most, my hubby love black sesame paste while I love the ginger tea most! Must buy the unrefined black sugar for the ginger tea. My colleague recommended me this brand...
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    eyebags / dark circle.

    Since I did lasik abt a year ago, my eyes can be quite dry & tired easily if I sleep late. Last week I had very tired eyes (terribly dark circle, of course). Used the Origin cool eye mask which I bought long ago, still worked like a charm! Tiredness gone after about 45 min. Still love it!
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    Cooking Tips for making Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloin?

    Wow! Adding vinegerette dressing is a brilliant idea! I love the lime flavoured breaded chicken drumlet from KFC which they stopped for a while and I only saw it again recently! I shall try it! Thanks yamfry50 for the idea!
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    joyoung soya milk maker

    Hi, sorry never get from Gmarket before. Do they have warranty? Or if need repair, is there a service centre? Thanks.
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    Mango Sago Recipe!

    Why cannot open the link again? My favourite dessert too !!!
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    Cooking utensils or method that we can use to cook without/less oil?

    My mom just bought a white nano ceramic wok over the weekend. She said she just use very little oil to fry the scallop egg. Last time she use like 1/2 bowl (rice bowl) of oil, otherwise it will stick like crazy! Yesterday she said she used only 1 tablespoon and the wok still sui sui after...
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    joyoung soya milk maker

    Hi, Can't access the link. Did you buy? Is it good?
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    Happycall double pan from lejel

    I was at this 50+ fair (accompany my mom lah) over the weekend at the expo ans saw a few stores selling pots & pans. There is this demo using the pan that looks like happy call pan (think they have different brand name , Eco something). This lady who was demostrating said, try not to flip the...
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    Hood and Hob Help

    Yes, mine is from Turbo also! I like the wok fire especially when I fry veggie :-) Can hear the sizzling sound from beginning till I scoop them up.
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    Hood and Hob Help

    OMG! You really changed your hob! And it looks like mine too! Enjoy your new turbo hob :)
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    Hood and Hob Help

    I couldn't figure out how to upload photo until I saw some helpful tips from other mummys from other threads... This is my small fire at max power. I don't feel the heat at all when I cook porridge - I mean my hand when I stirred the porridge. I did notice something though, my fire is quite...
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    Hood and Hob Help

    I try to think why yours like that but can't figure out why... When I use my medium fire to cook instant noodle (using those small pot to . cook for 1 person) with max power, I barely feel the heat from the fire below. Yours is only small fire.... Hmmm... When I cook this weekend I'll try to...
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    Employing maid

    Wow! I should let my aunt know. Thanks again!
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    Employing maid

    Thanks for your info, Ping26. I'm just like jaybaobei...I also heard from my aunt that new Indo maids are now around $450 as she's getting a new one.
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    Sesame Oil

    I use the same brand Chee Seng sesame oil too. Mom has been using it for the longest time.