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    EDD Jan

    hi ladies pls do take note that should the baby move lesser than usual, pls see your gynae straight away . this is because there might be somthing wrong with the baby.. i am telling this cos it happen to me... i just loss my seven mth old fetus cos the umbilcal cord was twisted till no blood...
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    i did mine at TMC. took the express package that gives us the prelim result in two days. today cash near to 600 sgd after deduction.
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    Dr Lawrence Ang from Thomson Women's Clinic @ Sunplaza

    though my first delivery with doctor ang wasnt too pleasant cos maybe he is too popular that he had to even answer call while delivering my baby but now pregnant with second one, i still go to him cos he is experience and straight to the point.. u tell him ya problem and he explain to u right...
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    don know abt the other two but i am gg to hv my second one with doctor ang.. vy experience.. and super popular.. he is fast, less than 15 mins settle all , but he is gd.. straight to the point..
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    EDD Jan

    mine is 29 jan 10.. now praying hard everything is ok.. just see bb heartbeat
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    Chicken pox injection?

    there is this combination of chicken pox and mmr 1st dose, followed by two mths later second dose of mmr.. tehn when they grow older, say primary school, they can skip one injection.. thats what doctor say
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    Hospital charges for TMC

    hi.. if your gynae is not doctor ang, remember dont take any additional from TMC as they will charge you accordingly. i heard tmc will not anyhow charge those under doctor ang. that time i have natural birth w epi and vacuum plus additional stay with baby, paid cash 1K plus plus
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    April 09 MTBs!

    panadol and fever cooling pad .. now ok but running nose again.. sigh..
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    milk leakage

    hi babysparkz its normal.. no worries
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    April 09 MTBs!

    baby vivien has fever suddenly last night.. 38.4 degrees.. so worrying.. wonder is it due to teething...
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    April 09 MTBs!

    ya i agree. i think the next time i brng her to PD sure say she Overweight. hahha..
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    April 09 MTBs!

    env me cream? its stressfull cos my milk supply is low
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    April 09 MTBs!

    hmm.. think my baby is on the big size side. at 5ths thinks she weigh 7 kg and 64 cm. and she is drinking 170-180 ml now..
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    Feeding milk

    hi annie my gal is the opposite of yours.. mine forever hungry
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    sharing how tall is your baby

    hi catty how old is ya gal? btw anyone know abt the percentile meaning is the baby healthbook?
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    Baby feeding

    hi mummies how do we know if our baby is big size or overweight? my gal going to 5 mtsh and alraedy ppl cant bel she is jus 5 mths.. looks like 1 yr old baby.. so scare she will grow up become big size or fat girl like the parents
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    April 09 MTBs!

    hi, everyone care to share your baby age , weight and height?
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    Baby feeding

    hi all how can we tell if our baby is overweight? my gal was born at 2.6 kg, now almost 5 mtsh and i think she weigh 7 kg now.. is it a lot?
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    April 09 MTBs!

    hi ping26 how old is ya baby now?
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    Infant Care Centre or Nanny?

    agree w phoebii. i put my gal in when she is 2.5 mths n the second wk she fall sick.. now after 2 mths, still sick at times but i wan to think it this way, which baby don fall sick?? haha, its a way they build up their immune system