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    Running - Loosen vagina?

    Hi all mummies, I had just delivered my baby 4 months old, am feeling very anxious to slim down for 2 important weddings in Nov. Anyway, I begin to take up running as a form of exercise. Recently, I was told by my friends that running is not good for ladies, as it will caused your vagina to...
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    Should I give up?

    Yes, especially tiring when planning for a day outing... need to bring all the pumping equipment out... Sian. Thanks for all your encouragements :-) I will try my best to continue to provide dear son with the best food.
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    Any Sinus mamas like me?

    Hi, When I was preggie, my sinus actually got worse... My gynae said it is ok to use the nasal spray flixonase, and I been spraying it every morning.
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    Should I give up?

    Dear mummies, I have been exclusively breastfeeding my son since birth till 4 months old. I'm a 100% EBM mother when he is 1 month old. Because he has serious gastric reflux so he has to been tilt in a 60 degrees angle while feeding which I am unable to do with various breastfeeding...
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    Thawed frozen breastmilk can refrigerate up to how many hours?

    Yup... I realized frozen milk has stronger smell than the fresh ones.
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    Vaginal discharge, is it abnormal?

    I would suggest to go see your gynae and do a swab test to see if there is any vaginal infection. Cos if left untreated, vaginal infection could get serious and caused early labour.
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    Hospital grade breast pump

    Yes can rent from baby specialist... but if you wanna use for long term, it is more advisable to buy one. Cos rental is per day basis, around $8 per day.
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    Reviews on Medela Freestyle?

    Hi Callie, just finished reading your reviews... just wanna ask how long have you been using the Freestyle before it is faulty? Thanks
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    Hi everyone,am new here! :)

    Congrats Lynn!!! First baby? :-)
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    This is JUST OUR THREAD~~~NOC GANG cRaPPy cOrnEr

    * Sigh * It has been so exhausting since my CL has left, and I can't seems to get enough rest. Already went to see doctor twice as I'm feeling not well... So exhausting. My entire day seems to be filled with endless feeding, diapers, washing and cleaning up. Help...
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    This is JUST OUR THREAD~~~NOC GANG cRaPPy cOrnEr

    What is NOOB?
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    Hi everyone,am new here! :)

    Hello and welcome :-)
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    Employing maid

    Hi stonston, may I know how do we apply on our own? How about the clearance at Philippines customs, what documents do we need to prepare for the maid to pass through the customs? As for the contract, do we need to draft up a contract? Thanks
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    Choking during BF

    Hi kujiramama, babies sometimes will show preference for one side of breast. Sometimes, because of the milk flow or the position suites them better. My boy always prefer right, but I will always make sure I latch him on left side too. You should not go along with their preference, always...
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    Choking during BF

    Hi asphyxia27, initially my right breast milk supply is always more than the left and my baby will be choking whenever I feed him on my right. So, I will always make him sit upright and try to burp him to allow the milk to flow down his stomach faster. Newborn babies will tends to make gagging...
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    Hi everyone,am new here! :)

    Yes, really tiring during the confinement month... plus postpartum recovery from c-section is slow. My baby feeding is slowly stabilized now, initially was so tiring... feeding can't seems to stop at all. But as u said, it is all worth it to see your baby slowly growing up healthy.
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    This is JUST OUR THREAD~~~NOC GANG cRaPPy cOrnEr

    Poo in installments... haha.. LOLz
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    sex safe during pregnancy??

    Yes, 1st and last trimester should be avoided... read from books saying that climax could caused contractions, hence might caused early labour
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    Hi everyone,am new here! :)

    :Dancing_wub: How is life being a mother for you :-)
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    Hospital Bills - Elective Caesarean

    Hi, how come your bill is so cheap for delivery??? Really unbelievable leh... For me, I deliver at KK, elective c-sec. stay at 4-bedded ward. Stay for 3d2n, total bill is ard $4200, medisave deduct $3500, CASH paid around $712. Upfront we made a cash pre-payment of $1482, then receive a...