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    massage lady

    hi shuld try ms manis n mdm saleha frm enlivenprotherapist very xperienced n certified local & overseas me n my siblings n cousins n friends got d best service not bout cheap its d quality try call her @ 81014039 her company website
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    EDD Dec 2010

    hi there, u feel pain below? pelvis area? well.....i felt the pain too due to baby getting bigger n gaining weight. i seek advise frm my gynae n got help frm my therapist. she help me to release the pain by doing the prenatal massage. I had d session for continuously once a week for 1hr per...
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    massage lady

    hi all ive tried using enlivenprotherapist all certified licensed therapist from CIBTEC & ITEC visit their website or call 81014039 ms manis
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    EDD Dec 2010

    Dont preassure yourself to much a strong mummy will give strong vibes n strength to d baby its a bonding from god she will b fine our prayers for her, my elder sis had a premature labour only 5mth d baby d size of her palm, had to be in d incubator for almost 6mths n now shes d biggest of all my...
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    EDD Dec 2010

    u shuld get doc advise on getting pre natal massage n wats d benefit
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    EDD Dec 2010

    hi mummies log in to they provide pre natal & post natal massage & also slimming massage they ve special packages includes pedicure manicure too or call 81014039 look for ms manis
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    Employing maid

    call Afflyn recruitment their off in balestier fast, good & reliable maid well trained & no hp allowed call 94853906 Mr Dean
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    looking for Nanny (Serangoon/ potong pasir Area)

    hi try call 81014039 they provide local nany services with xperience look for ms manis
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    PostNatal Massage

    try call enlivenprotherapist they do massage & no issue about d dog call allyssa 81014039