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    Survey Compare

    Hi, Any mummies doing survey from Survey Compare before? Is it a scam?
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    Sugar-free Food and Sugar Substitutes

    Testimonials I Love E-SWEET Goh Lang Eng I like to drink a cup of Aromantic with a little sugar every morning. From the Kuala Lumpur Distributor training in March this year, I learnt that E-SWEET is made from stevia extract, a natural sweetener, and maltodextrin. It is low-calorie and will...
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    What soup can pregnant woman drink?

    Tomato omelette soup This soup is rich in fiber and protein. tomatoes, cubed carrot, sliced potatoes, cubed ilkan bilis stock Boil all together till soft. eggs, beaten chopped chinese pasley salt and pepper to taste Fry egg into an omelette, cut into pieces and put into...
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    work at home earn cash easily

    Hi all, So what is the job all about, anyone can share over here instead of pm individual.
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    Sharing the 6 secrets of success working from home

    so what did u do? How long have u join? Have u recv any earning yet?
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    Any good hair salon or hairstylists in Woodlands to recommend

    i don't know, have not try yet.
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    Any good hair salon or hairstylists in Woodlands to recommend

    Hi, Anyone try the clementi salon very cheap? Hair cut 3 plus the other shop 2 plus only.
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    Toothpaste for Kids <-- BEWARE

    A dazzling smile and fresh breath starts with good oral hygiene. However, aging and some foods such as coffee can stain teeth. Happy Toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite, a substance used in artificial bones and tooth roots that has repair, whitening, anti-cavity and anti-bacterial properties when...
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    owners wanna rent out room/flat?

    Hi, Which area? For single or couple?
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    Herbalife Green Tea

    Our body is exposed to heavy metals, preservatives, air pollution and toxic chemicals daily. The accumulation of these harmful substances in our body cells will harm our body and have an adverse effect on our health. Research has shown that five-leaf ginseng, also known as sweet tea vine, is...
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    Can I bake 2 cakes in the oven at the same time? Will it affect temperature?

    Yes, more or less will be affected. U need to rotate and also bring the top to the bottom, and the bottom to the top to bake.
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    Turbo Broiler

    so far i used to bake whole chicken, chicken wings, the skin will be crispy, fish, roast meat the oil will come out. Nuggets, chicken pie. Muffin still ok but not whole cake.
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    Steam Pork Ribs

    Steadam2011. There are many ways and style to do steaming of pork ribs. Different dialect have different way of doing the chinese singaporean style. The one sassylady doing was just a modern and easy way to do it. U seem to know every thing.
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    Yesterday, went for the tooth surgery at Sunshine Dental. was good the only thing is after op the pain came. But the surgery was very successful as my tooth was break inside and difficult to take out. Overall it only took 10 min to extract. Thank God for that!
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    Hi, Have anyone try Sunshine Dental at Civic Centre, Dr Jon Paul Seah? Is he skillful? How about Raffles Dental also? Anyone went to both of these dental before?
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    Hiring stay home mums who can sew

    Hi, I'm interested. My email is
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    Employing maid

    Pathway88 at bukit timah 64638842
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    Anybody like to watch Hong Kong TVB Drama Serials?

    All sounds nice. But which website to go to watch online?
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    Big sago

    i cook until i can see the small white dot on the center part.