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    Birthday Cakes - For Kids of all ages

    Hi jimbok, The words 'Happy 1st Birthday' and 'Kayla' is all made of fondant, which Pine Garden's will do it. The large 1st candle on the top of the cake is not provided by them, I gave them to add on the cake. I seldom check back this forum, do PM me if you guys need any form of help. (:
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    When did you find out you were pregnant?

    I didn't have any morning sickness or cravings or any symptoms of pregnancy. (: I consider myself lucky, my pregnancy was really a breeze.
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    Nursing pads + nipple cream

    Not sure if the spray one works as well. The normal apply on kind is good. Last month of so, my girl bit my nipple and it had a wound which bled. I applied it throughout the night and it healed overnight. Super wondrous, that's why I recommend it. (:
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    When did you find out you were pregnant?

    I only found out my pregnancy at 20th week, which is fifth month. Had show for all the 4 months prior, and dates fit in well too. So I just shrugged off as menses! So my waiting period was really short, just 4 months! ((:
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    Hair Rebonding

    I went for hair rebonding 10 months ago, and my hair's still straight! Even my mum's stil praising my hair till now. LOL. It's a homebased salon at Serangoon North. Only $68, so I gave it a try. Totally worth the price. (:
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    Baby bath products

    I find California Baby products not that good on my girl, not very sure about other babies. So far, I'm sticking to babySebaMed. I have the full range of products - shampoo, bubble bath, facial cream, body lotion. It smells nice and not that expensive too. (:
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    3mths baby got scalp, how?

    My girl used to have cradle cap too. I changed her shampoo from California Baby to baby SebaMed and problem solved. To make the cradle cap situation improve, try applying pure olive oil on your baby's scalp before bathing, say like 15 mins prior. Then shampoo it off. The olive oil I got is...
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    Share your thoughts

    I still soak the bottles and utensils in hot water before letting my girl use them. Because no matter how clean it is, the environment has lots of dirt and dust which we can see. Hot water will at least kill of some bacterias and clean them before use. My take is to not take any chances. My...
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    Stomachache when no one @ home

    Bring the highchair in to the bathroom, then put your kid inside. Do your business and then wash your hands, and hug your kid.
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    Please Help! Should I change the another brand of cereal?

    My girl just dislikes the Nestle brand of cereals, any kind. She would just have a few mouthful and spit out any more that I feed. She loved Frisocrem, and now she's still having them. You could try Frisocrem. I personally tasted the Nestle one, it's kinda strong taste for me. So I guess that's...
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    Birthday Cakes - For Kids of all ages

    2-tier cakes minimum order is 2KG, so I went ahead with it. Mine's $107. Amount depends on which flavour you choose, mine's Lychee Martini and Triple Chocolate, which is $36 per KG, when I ordered. The rest of the charges are Artistic Labour Charge. (:
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    Nursing pads + nipple cream

    Lansinoh nipple cream I got it online, but I'm sure Mum&Babes have it. Mothercare should have too. And yes, kiddy palace too. (:
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    Nursing pads + nipple cream

    I used Lanisoh for my nipples, it's useful. (:
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    Gyn Irene Chua from KKH

    Definitely, I'm so proud of telling any one that she's my gynae! Even now I still email her photos of my girl and also seek help from her through email. And she has always been more than helpful. Sometimes it's really important that mummies share experiences, cause words can really harm a good...
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    EDD in June

    Wish you have a smooth pregnancy! ((:
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    Gyn Irene Chua from KKH

    To do Dr. Irene Chua some justice, I have to say this. She is a truly responsible gynae. Very caring, assuring and gentle. She delivered my girl! (: She is also a mother herself, and she wanted natural birth for herself, but end up it became C-section. I believe if you're insistent on natural...
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    Gyn Irene Chua from KKH

    I don't think any gynae has a fixed schedule. You could call up KKH to ask to speak to her.
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    EDD in June

    It's me! You're expecting no. 2! ((: So happy for you!
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    Maternity packages for KK (Normal / TPS)

    Mine's TPS. Couldn't remember the exact, for normal routine checkups, it should be around 70 dollars per visit. For TPS, every visit has got ultrasound scans. So you get to have a copy of the scan home after every visit with your gynae.
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    baby first food..

    If you're gonna be out whole day, as in morning to night, there's no means to bring out homecooked food for you baby's meal, it's too long a period of time. What is your boy feeding on now? Cereal or starting on porridge? If it's porridge, you can prepare lunch and keep in thermal flask, which...