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    How to make puree fruit

    how to make puree fruit ?
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    my true story

    if u dont help urself , who is going to help u , ur gal is so pity , they want a mum but with a better personality .. there is no perfect for everyone , but self personality is important in their youth .. u can do it ..
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    Baby is refusing water.. again! :(

    my boy also refused to drink water when he is born till now , 9 mth , so i make green grape juice ard 1 oz , and add 4oz water in it .. sometime he will finish all .. he dun like plain water , he want some taste ..
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    Tommee Tippee brand, any comment?

    by the way , i just started to use tommee tippee not long ago , but now i still dunno how to sterillise the stwrilliser .. using tablet or how ..
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    Tommee Tippee brand, any comment?

    what is the exchange rate ? the bottle have 33% off , would it be cheaper ?
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    Digital Camera

    nikon D90 ,,, not so good in manual , but in auto , pic came out very good ^^
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    Any C-section Mummies take seafood aft confinement?

    i was told not to take seafood for 6 month , but i still take after confinement ,, so far its coming 7th month , so far so good ,, kekeke ,,
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    CCTV to monitor maid

    OMG ,, how come can burn her face ,,
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    Massage after c-sect???

    i start my massage right after 1 week ,,
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    Sticker to prevent pregnancy

    before that i was taking mercillon pill , after give birth till now havent taking any pill yet ,, dunno to try the sticker or take pill ,, i was thinking sticker was good but is it really safe ,,
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    Sticker to prevent pregnancy

    i forgotten the name , oh , its makes u allergic , hmm ..
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    jojoki , do u have ur family ard u , i know how hard being so helpless , espeacially with hubby acting like this , u might have to work , to save n keep more , for a safe for you , how long can u survive in this way .
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    Sticker to prevent pregnancy

    no one is using the sticker ^^
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    Sticker to prevent pregnancy

    Anyone there using the sticker to prevent pregnancy , a sticker can be sticker around our hips , i wonder its better than taking pills , my doc tell me its safe , any mummy there using , any comment with this sticker ~
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    Rude agent!

    sometime is the maid or the employer problem har ^^
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    Useful info

    thanks for sharing ^^
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    Anyone knows when is the best time to buy baby stuff?

    i wasnt allow to buy baby stuff during 1st trimester , i think i starter to buy at the end of 2nd trimester , its d pantang tat ppl said ,,
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    My Little Joshua is borned too - 14 Oct 09

    congrat , cute baby ~
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    i posted the wrong place , sorry ~~