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  1. shopaholic

    Seeking some opinions from fellow forummers...

    I think your wife's habits sound reasonable to me. It's just a matter of striking a balance between both of you. I'm not used to having pets at home, so I can resonate with your wife's behaviour. I'm not a total clean freak but I like my home mopped properly at least once a week with a...
  2. shopaholic

    Anyone had forceps delivery ?

    Dont feel sad, everyone is different. For my #1, my baby was delivered by forceps too. During the first week, it was super painful. Getting up from bed and sitting down would cause me a lot of pain. I think it was because it's my first one and perhaps due to the episiotomy, that's why it was...
  3. shopaholic

    RE: How much is the sch fees now for P1? Can textbooks be reused for next yr?

    For govt aided school, sch fees shd be $5.50 per mth? As for textbooks, I bought the whole set (including those workbooks, ex books, art stuff etc) and I think it's about $100 or less. You will also need to buy uniforms, PE attire and shoes. For my younger girl who is attending P1 next year...
  4. shopaholic

    Help ! On Baby Products

    Sometimes it's on trial and error. What works for other babies may not work on yours. Just to share, for milk powder, my elder 2 were on enfalac, while my 3rd was on Similac. No particular reason on why I changed, the hospital recommended and I just continued to give the same brand back home...
  5. shopaholic

    week 13 on..still no appetite **help

    I like coke when I was experiencing morning sickness too. Took a a few sips whenever I felt nauseous and it helped a lot. But of cos, such drinks are high in sugar so I restricted myself to only a few sips a day, if I craved for it. I think your condition is indeed improving with fewer times...
  6. shopaholic

    This is me & my life

    I dont hv any advice as I believe that you being in the relationship will know best what is for you and baby. In a marriage, trust and commitment are very important. If one party starts to suspect this and that, it can lead to more problems. Similarly, if one party is not committed to building...
  7. shopaholic

    34wks baby head still yet to turn down

    At 34 weeks, your baby still hv some time to turn before the uterus gets too tight for him/her.
  8. shopaholic

    How big is ur bb/child when he/she knows how to walk n hold milk bottle on their own?

    Re: How big is ur bb/child when he/she knows how to walk n hold milk bottle on their I agree, your child will hv her own pace of readiness for different milestones. Like Renzie, I tried training my kids earlier to hold the bottle but they will end up pulling out the bottle prematurely and not...
  9. shopaholic

    Do u brush or train them to brush their teeth?

    I will brush for my kids until they are ready to do it themselves. For my 21 mth old son, I am still brushing for him.
  10. shopaholic

    I'm v sad, husband doesn't want to get intimate anymore after I had a baby

    How long hv u been married? I think it's best to talk to your hubby about this, like your needs and to rekindle the passion. I dont think having a schedule works, in fact, if I am the hubby, it will kill off any interest. Intimacy should be spontanous, not scheduled. Also, if you hv someone...
  11. shopaholic

    When is a good timing to have 2nd baby?

    Not really. I slept with the elder one in another room while hubby slept with the baby.
  12. shopaholic

    Working Mummies, when u start your Maternity Leave??

    I worked till I delivered. However, in my case, I had induction, so it was sorta easier to plan. Just to share, for my #2, I even worked in the morning, went to see my gynae in the afternoon and admitted myself for induction thereafter. :)
  13. shopaholic

    When is a good timing to have 2nd baby?

    My 1st child was exactly 2yo when I delivered my second one. If you're managing the kids alone in the evenings, it can be a challenge as a 2yo may not be able to express herself well and may even demand more of your attention. In my situation, hubby and myself made it a point to fetch the...
  14. shopaholic

    Naming The Baby...

    I dont believe in this. Baby is mine and hubby's, we decide on his/her name. And in deciding, we share ideas on what sounds nice, whether the chinese character has any special meaning etc.
  15. shopaholic

    Gynea confirm boy, but will it turn out to be girl?

    Same here! My gynae told us it's most likely a boy at week 13 and pointed out his genitals to us, but she said would confirm at week 16. I think at week 18, should be pretty confirmed.
  16. shopaholic

    Coloring of hair and hair cut during pregnancy

    Really up to you. I consulted my gynae and she gave me the go-ahead after first trimester. I even rebonded. I agree, must look good even when pregnant. For me, I cant stay at home because of my less-than-desirable hair. I am a full-time working mother, so must also look good to people I work...
  17. shopaholic

    how many days to 'tahan' not bathing?

    I am a clean freak so I cant stand not bathing. I started to hv herbal bath after I came back from hospital. Thereafter, it's daily herbal bath. I washed my hair on alternate days though. To me, nothing beats being clean and comfortable.
  18. shopaholic

    Do u bathe for ur baby during confinement??

    Yes, I bath my kids during confinement. I only felt I wasnt up to it in the first week, but thereafter, I cant wait to bath for them. Anyway, I am a clean freak, so I frequently washed my hands before touching my babies. So even if I didnt bath my babies, I already touched a lot of water! My...
  19. shopaholic

    Average charges of a GP visit?

    I feel Healthway's charges are a bit high. If yours is about $50, I think it's still acceptable if you recover soon after. For my last visit (I had flu), they charged me $70 and I didnt get better. I went a 2nd time and was charged another $70 with antibiotics. In total, it cost me $140. That...
  20. shopaholic

    Settling vs marrying for love

    Those men didnt choose you, so there's no point thinking about them. Your husband chose you to be his life partner. Although he has his shortcomings, I suggest you try to work things out in the marriage and like the others suggest, look at his positive points... like how he works hard to provide...