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  1. laila0chu

    Reductil in Singapore

    As someone wrote on a thread THERE IS NO CHEAP WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT If you want to lose fast and easy you HAVE to invest some money in your pills. Otherwise try to stick to some diets, do workouts, run away from food by any way, and keep positive no matter what :)
  2. laila0chu

    effective slimming pills

    Drinking lots of water is also very important so you will not be dehydrated! :wong19:
  3. laila0chu

    Reductil in Singapore

    Hey Bernice, Did you already start your reductil? How are you so far? Do come back to share your experience with reductil from cheapmeds4u Cheers
  4. laila0chu

    REDUCTIL experiences

    jipoh, you are hugely right :notworthy: no cheap and effective slimming possible! I wasted a lot of money on reductil after my both pregnancies, but it was indeed my last option. I'm lucky my husband sustained and encouraged me and of course gave me money for buying the pills :001_302:
  5. laila0chu

    WTS: reductil reduce 15mg

    I used REDUCTIl a lot, after my both pregnancies. Each time I ordered it online on I'm a loyal customer of this site so I can share more shipping details if someone interested. Cheers...
  6. laila0chu

    reductil,reduce 15mg ,duromine , panbesy ?

    Hi there ! Reductil rocks :) I used reductil / sibutramine after my 1st and 2nd pregnancies and it really helped me lose the extra weight that I was not able to shift by myself.
  7. laila0chu

    Looking for Slimming Treatments that shows Realistic Results

    Actually Reductil is a realistic result for everyone, isn't it mums??? I used it after my both pregnancies as I was not able to shift any weight by myself. And guess what mummies?! I'm pregnant again!!! :) :) :) Hope to not gain a lot of weight this time but who knows.... Happy that reductil...
  8. laila0chu customers

    I always used I bought reductil on this site after my first pregnancy and then after my second one. They have all dosages of Reductil on the site and they always deliver it safely to Singapore. I have never had problems in receiving my reductil orders to my home address...
  9. laila0chu customers

    All reductil pills are generics actually. The brand reductil is not manufactured for years.
  10. laila0chu

    Reductil Meridia 20 mg

    Hi, I took the 15mg dosage as it was ok for me.
  11. laila0chu

    Reductil Meridia 20 mg

    I always used They have all dosages of Reductil on the site and they always deliver it safely to Singapore. I never had problems and I know many users here buy Reductil online on this site. You can trust it :) And don't desperate, you'll lose that weight for sure :) Just...
  12. laila0chu

    Reductil in Singapore

    reductil 20mg is the highest dosage i think... I think you should take it only if 15mg reductil doesn't work well on you
  13. laila0chu

    Reductil Meridia 20 mg

    Hey Lily, hello from Singapore :) I'm a reductil user for many years and I love this pill. I lost about 25kg in 6months after my first pregnancy and I used it again after my second pregnancy losing about 18kg in 4 months. I'm happy with my result and I do not gain weight anymore. But my...
  14. laila0chu

    Sibutramin 10 or 15 mg?Which one is better?

    Hi Lily!My sister is obese and started with reductil 15mg a few months ago. But she's not very happy with the weight loss so now she started Reductil 20mg. Being on 2nd week she lost 4kg!
  15. laila0chu

    Reductil in Singapore

    Hi Samantha I lost about 25kg in 6months after my first pregnancy and I used it again after the second pregnancy losing like 18kg in 4 months :) Reductil worked for me on the second week, it lowered my appetite and so I could eat much less. I was happy of not feeling hungry all day long and...
  16. laila0chu

    Reductil in Singapore

    ladies go straight for 15 mg it's much effective then 10mg
  17. laila0chu

    Buy Sibutramine Online?

    Go for Sibutramine... and go for CHEAPMEDS4U.COM both recommended :) I got that stuff too and it helped a lot!
  18. laila0chu

    Want to buy slimming pills online

    I did! I lost weight with sibutramine after my two pregnancies as nothing else was effective for me. I never gain that weight back and I am happy about this :)
  19. laila0chu

    Need to lost weight....

    I bought Reductil on too and I had to sign for my order each time
  20. laila0chu

    weight loss after giving birth

    HI michellejoy2, sibutramine is just helpful. I used it after my both pregnancies and was amazed by the result, no hunger and no cravings! Concerning the dosage I do think sibutramine 15 mg is much effective so you can start with it. As to the pharmacy I highly recommend too, I never had any...