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  1. Beanie

    Nursery rooms at shopping place.

    Yeah I totally agree with the Vivo City Nursery Room. It stinks and its small. The one on Level 1 beside beside Fossil doesnt even comes with a changing table!!
  2. Beanie

    Genius Kids - Right Brain Training

    Hi there! Anyone heard of this home based training? Feel like engaging them for my son, but will like to hear more opinions from the mummy here first. Please advise! Thanks :tlaugh:
  3. Beanie

    When you Stop Sterilising your Baby Milk Bottle??

    Cause i planning to stop sterilising when he rch 1 or 1.5 yrs old. Anyway, im using the avant steriliser. After the sterilising is done, i found that there's some black black bits at the bottom which seems like it came off from the metal inside. Will it be bad to continue using? I don't...
  4. Beanie

    When you Stop Sterilising your Baby Milk Bottle??

    Dear Mummies, Will like to find out when you gals stop sterilising your baby milk bottle? Thanks
  5. Beanie

    Diarrhea after feeding of StepUp formula 2 Friso

    Thanks for all the replies.....Will observe him for another week to see how it goes. Cheers....:Dancing_tongue:
  6. Beanie

    Diarrhea after feeding of StepUp formula 2 Friso

    Hi all.... Actually he still poo once a day...just that his poopoo is watery type. Have change him to Friso2 for nearly a week, so i really got no idea if i shld change the formula or continue with Friso 2. Poo once a day shldnt consider it as diarrhea right? COnfused~~!!
  7. Beanie

    Diarrhea after feeding of StepUp formula 2 Friso

    Baby juz turned 7mths...a week now since changing his Friso 1 to Friso 2 formula milk. But realise that he have been shitting very watery ever since changing to Friso 2. Not sure if this is just the beginning due to change of Friso 2 from Friso 1 or is he not suitable to drink the Friso 2...
  8. Beanie

    Rashes on Face

    I just bought the physiogel as recommended by some of the mummy here. But yet to try as baby is with my mum during the wkday. Will update u gals see how is it wrking on my baby.... Thanks for all the infor!!!!
  9. Beanie

    Rashes on Face

    My baby 5mths old. Sometime it will be a rough patch, sometime the redness will pop out. And he start to get very irritated. Just saw this thread they selling this cream for eczema, donno if it is effective. I do wipe his face with warm water everytime after feeding, only night feed i wont do...
  10. Beanie

    Rashes on Face

    So poor thing....My baby having red patches on his face, and i think its itchy...cause he keep on scratching it and wont go to sleep. Been to the PD last mth and he say its suppose to be cause by him playing the saliva. So no medication.... Any suggestion to reduce the redness and itchiness?
  11. Beanie

    Friso Cream or Friso milk 2

    I saw 2 type of Frisocrem fr the supermarket yesterdae. One is soy based and the other one is rice based. Not sure which one to get.... Need some suggestion... Thanks
  12. Beanie

    Help!Can i give my baby eat rice cereal when he is 4 mths old?

    Hi stonston, Im keen in the book as well. Do you have any pic can PM me? as well as the price... Thanks
  13. Beanie

    Sleeping Thru the Night

    So i shld just let my boy cry n shout during the nighttime....n dont feed him milk? Hmmm....... He dont just cry....but SHOUT!! Haha!!
  14. Beanie

    Baby keeps scratching his ears

    By the way, where can i get he Pigeon Cotton bud with the sticky one at one end? Have been searching for it for a long time. If anyone have any idea can PM me? Thanks
  15. Beanie

    Sleeping Thru the Night

    Hi Mummies, Just wondering how you gals manage to train your little one to sleep through the night. My boy cuming 5months, at night still wakeup every 3 to 4hrs for milk. So tiring!!
  16. Beanie

    Any comments on Shopping Mall's Baby Room

    Been to a couple of shopping malls. Only like the baby/ nursery room at Taka, cause its spacious n allowed the father to enter. Any other baby room you gals think that its good? Cause i tends to choose to shop at places if tey hav a gd baby room. HELP! or else i will endup shopping in...
  17. Beanie

    wat formula recommend for 1mth bb?

    Mine has been drinking Friso1 Gold since far so good
  18. Beanie

    Baby Sleeping thru the Night

    Wow .... which means i gng to have a long way to go before i can really enjoy my slp thru out he night again. Thanks for all the reply
  19. Beanie

    Baby Sleeping thru the Night

    When shld i start to train my baby to slp thru the night maybe after a last feed at 12mn? He is cumin 7wks old n is still waking up every 3hrs for milk in the night, is it appropriate? Feeding him 90ml of milk now as he is having phlegm n cough, so the doc actually told us to decrease the...
  20. Beanie

    how many times do baby bathe per day?

    My baby now 6weeks old but i only bath him once in the morning, then evening i only use towel to wipe his body. Wanted to bring him to bath another time but scared he will catch a cold after so many bath in 1day.