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    2018 Mums

    Congratulations! You might all be excited to see you LO. A little patience, Mum! MummySG, where every Mum is awesome!
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    Hi everyone!

    Nice shop, you got there! Care to collaborate with us?
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    Hello everyone~

    Hi Vivien, Welcome to MummySG Forum! Congratulations on having your bundle of joy! As for increasing breastmilk, one of the most effective ways to increase the supply is to increase the demand. Meaning, latch your son as often as you can. FEED ON DEMAND. That is the way our body signals our...
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    Time is fleeting, it is so short. Know where your treasure is and take good care of it.

    Time is fleeting, it is so short. Know where your treasure is and take good care of it.
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    New member

    Hello, hello, mums! What's up?!?
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    Questions on first-time parenting

    Hi Anxiousmary, congratulations! Wow, having a baby can give us so much joy, excitement, and a little nervousness. The things that will be required? Though i may not give you an exact list, you may want to check out our article here at MummySG about the role dads play during pregnancy...
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    Hi Gerald, For which age bracket the need for milk belongs?

    Hi Gerald, For which age bracket the need for milk belongs?
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    Funny things your kids said/did

    What a funny little child!Hahahahahhaha
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    Solution for toddler's constipation

    I agree with Angelis888. But if your kid is already 4, no need to give formula. Instead give fresh milk and adjust the kid's diet. At her age, her main source of nutrients should be from her solid foods. Ditch the formula. Give her more fiber. :)
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    Where the next ZIKA Cluster is going to be?

    Thanks for this info Mummy Trudywee!
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    2016 babies

    Anyone who has given birth this year?
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    Article: Choosing the Best School for Our Children

    You can view the page at
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    New member

    Welcome to both of you!
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    Article: 14 Month Old Brazilian Baby Survived After Falling From The Building | CCTV

    You can view the page at
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    First time being a mum...

    Congratulations! Motherhood is such an amazing journey. Here are my answers to your questions: 1. As soon as you found out you're pregnant. 2. Better ask your doctor about it. There are some mums who have delicate pregnancies thus it is important to give the head's up from your doctor if it is...
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    bad flu during pregnancy

    As much as your friend could mean well, it is best to contact with your doctor. There are certain over the counter medicines that can harm our babies. Flu goes away just by itself, since it is viral. Take a lot of water and rest. Boost your immune system with vit c from fruits and veggies. Hope...
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    do I look tired?

    For an affordable fix, you can use sunflower oil. It lightens the areas around our eyes. (=