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  1. camomile

    can someone help me to configure my ipcam?

    Hi I bought a IP Camera from a friend, 2nd hand. Its almost brand new. But neither of us knew how to configure it. Does anyone here knows? I dont mind pay some fees to get it configure. Please text me if you know someone who can help. Thanks 9663 7433. Lin
  2. camomile

    ~ 19.11.2009 - The Arrival Of My Precious Baby Norizzad ~

    your baby is soo cute and happy seeing him, and happy to read your birth story. It reminds me of the day I admit to the hospital after my waterbag broke, and 12 hours later, pop came my cutie pie... I always regard the day i knew i was concieve with my prince, and the day...
  3. camomile

    Off hours for your domestic helper

    according to my agency, its 09:00am to 06:00pm.
  4. camomile

    Off hours for your domestic helper

    Hi I like to find out usually what time does your maid goes off for her off day, and what time she's expected to be back? I have a philipino maid. I gave her off from 11am to 6pm, but she seems very unhappy for it. I don't want to short change her, please let me know what's normal practise in...
  5. camomile

    The Arrival Of Our Precious Boy, Caleb!

    Caleb is both Cute and Incredibly Beautiful...have a wonderful motherhood... Happy First Mother's Day to you!
  6. camomile

    Runaway Stroller *SUPER ANGRY*

    Mine is Capella!! The part which makes me angry is, it toppled..and folded by itself. You may say, its Mummy's fault, she didn't brake it. Okay, its my fault. But the toppling part is completely unacceptable. The ergonomics is just not there! How can a stroller TOPPLE face down! And it...
  7. camomile

    Runaway Stroller *SUPER ANGRY*

    Dear Mummies Please be careful with your strollers, remember (ALWAYS) to put on the brakes when the strollers are stationary! My stroller rolled away on the pavement which was slightly sloped (I swear that it doesn't feel sloped at all lor) a short distance it went down the curb onto a...
  8. camomile

    Nasty mosquitos!

    i'll go with the baygon repellent first. will update you guys to see if its effective.
  9. camomile

    Nasty mosquitos!

    Hi Did you guys realise there seems to be a surge of mosquitos recently? My poor 3 month old son got bitten all over his face! ... on his tiny hands too. I tried putting on the mozzie patch for him in the day at home, he cough relentlessly. I guess he doesn't like the smell. What should I...
  10. camomile

    Pain underneath

    Jasobias : Thanks I'm really glad someone is on the same boat as me. I was worried I'm the only one. Mummy to Baby very : Thanks for your suggestion. I have heard of Kegel Exercise, even went to youtube to see how people does it. I'll try it tonight. Btw, at 2nd month my menses is back. I...
  11. camomile

    Pain underneath

    Hi Mummies Its been 2 months since I have given birth to a lovely baby boy, I must say I haven't fully recover from the trauma of giving birth. My vagina will ache and pain after much walking and standing. This soreness / pain is somehow on the inner walls of the vagina (near the opening)...
  12. camomile

    Introducing Baby Michela (21 Dec 09)

    you have a very beautiful baby! look how peaceful and joyful she is... :) I'm very happy for you
  13. camomile

    anything that we can't eat during confinement

    Hi do you know if there's any food that we should avoid having during confinement that may be deem as "poisonous" or "gain wind" .... such as Cold Water and No Cold Food? no Ice! I'm not doing a real confinement now, and my mother in law cooks normally for me. Recently she even cooked smelly...
  14. camomile

    My Tailbone hurts

    me too! the only difference is i have this pain after giving birth! during my pregnancy is just backpain...but now after birth, its specifically tail bone that's causing pain / soreness... so sad that i can't find any remedies to curb this pain in this thread :( well, i just have to wait for...
  15. camomile

    Arrival of my little Prince on my Princess's Bday

    wow .. ur CTG went up to 150!!! that's alot..even though the mid wife told me different numbers means different for different highest was 120+, its VERY PAINFUL for me. of cos i had my epidural after hitting 120! :)
  16. camomile

    How to get the most EBM?

    Hi Esther My massage lady cleared my blocked ducts yesterday. What she did was, she squeeze abit milk out of my nipple, gently rub the nipple in circular motion with the little milk that was expressed out. There should be some white stuffs rolling out if u check ur fingers. They look like...
  17. camomile

    Any Malay Massage lady to recommend??

    can try Olak, a 49 years old traditional malay lady. she came from Malaysia johor bahru, speaks good english..and has alot of experience and knowledge on after birth affairs eg; confinement, breastfeeding, what to eat/not, etc etc. she gives alot alot of advise... answers all my questions...
  18. camomile

    Ginger during confinement?

    okay i'll refrain from taking ginger. thanks for reply :)
  19. camomile

    blood in breast milk

    today is the 5th day i breast feed, and because of both bruised nipples, I have expressed my milk thru medela breast pump this morning at 8:00am, I expressed 60ml. at 12:00pm i express another 50 ml. at abt 02:30pm, i express another 20ml...milk getting lesser. since baby seems to be...
  20. camomile

    A silly question

    can we take fruits eg green apples, oranges during confinement? the reason i am asking is because I'm not doing a full confinement, and i'm treasuring each tonic/heaty stuffs that has been prepared for me occassionally i also heard that if u take fruits especially oranges, the "bu"...