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  1. ZombieMum

    Does the shape of your tummy reveal the gender of your baby?

    I think for shape of tummy is quite true (to most people also); round=gal. I have both boy & gal, both pregnancies different shape...most people can tell the gender by looking at my tummy. When I carry my boy, skin is glowing & good complexion. No big/swollen nose though. When i...
  2. ZombieMum

    How sure of the gendar at 14 and a half week

    When u go for ur 20 weeks detailed scan can confirm already :) Usually the detailed scan is accurate. My no 1 is a boy and my gynae told me it's a boy during my 14 weeks + checkup, and double confirmed it's a boy during 20 weeks detailed scan done in hospital. So, after u've gone for the...
  3. ZombieMum

    ~ Pregnant with baby BOY vs Pregnant with baby GIRL ~

    As for me, when pregnant with my no 1 (boy), skin complexion was good. In fact, people commented my face was glowing. No serious MS, maybe once or twice only throughout the pregnancy and was very energetic. Overall, my tummy was small and sharp. Craving for meat and salty food and can't take...
  4. ZombieMum

    have your menses resume??

    As for me, my menses returned at 7th month (late June '10) after delivery but it was irregular and gone haywire as I'm still breastfeeding my coming to 10 months old gal. Menses returned at 7th month; at 8th month was only spotting (don't even need a pad, only pantyliner) and 9th month returned...
  5. ZombieMum

    How Long?

    As up to now, have successfully b/feeded my gal for 8 mths. Will try to stretch to 1 yr.
  6. ZombieMum

    Pregnancy Poll: What Were You Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms

    As for my 1st pregnancy, they were: 6. Tiredness 10. Heartburn 12. Feeling faint 13. Heightened sense of smell 15. Headaches 18. Missed period
  7. ZombieMum

    Breastfeed & Menses

    From delivery until now (breastfeeded for 6 mths +), I don't have menses at all. Am still fully/total breastfeeding my gal currently. Asked GP about menses when breastfeeding before and the GP said it's normal not to have menses while breastfeeding. It's all depend on individual... Hope this...
  8. ZombieMum

    EDD in November 2009

    Weight not known, but definitely not big size. Estimated weight at birth about 2.8-2.9kg (based on detailed scan on 32 weeks). Yeah, said can wait until 41 weeks. :err:
  9. ZombieMum

    EDD in November 2009

    Aiseh, I'm 2 days passed EDD ler...still NO sign of labour. Looks like gotta wait till 41 weeks (max dateline)...the 'wait' is sooooooooo long!!! ARGHHH...
  10. ZombieMum

    If there is no dilation, can induced still be done?

    Yup, I was 1 of them! :) Was exactly like ur condition for my 1st pregnancy. I suddenly had high blood pressure nearing EDD (ard 36-37 weeks) and did not go down, stayed at quite a high reading. So, gynae adviced to induce at 38 weeks. I was lucky I was prone to the effectiveness of the drug...
  11. ZombieMum

    Help~ need advice....

    Hi, I think ur baby is at a good weight and no prob if were to be delivered now. I'm in my 37 weeks and 3 days but my baby gal is only 2.5kg! Small sized... Had check-up yesterday and doc was concerned about the weight of baby, suggested to deliver/induce baby earlier than EDD (Nov 14th) coz...
  12. ZombieMum

    Who Can Accompany You In Labour Ward Other Than Your Husband?

    Thank you for all replies :) I'm just scared to go into labour ward and deliver on my own/alone altho this is my 2nd child. Just wish other close person is allowed and can accompany me during delivery when hubby is absent...
  13. ZombieMum

    Who Can Accompany You In Labour Ward Other Than Your Husband?

    Hmm...just wondering, who else is allowed to accompany you during labour in delivery room/labour ward other than your husband (during husband's absent) for normal/vaginal delivery? Mother, sister, mother in law etc possible to accompany (when husband is absent)? Anyone knows?
  14. ZombieMum

    EDD in November 2009

    Congrats on your princess! Going for the pink team, hehe! Baby #1 for the both of you?
  15. ZombieMum

    EDD in November 2009

    I'm expecting a princess!! :) Baby #2 and EDD is Nov 14th. Happy to have a pair of boy and gal!...
  16. ZombieMum

    how early u detect ur pregnancy?

    If ur menses is regular and pretty sure when is ur ovulation, then u can calculate which week ur in right at the moment. Sometimes, delayed ovulation or u have irregular menses/long cycle lenght, then u might not know when is ur ovulation day and thus, ur calculation of pregnancy week might be...
  17. ZombieMum

    how early u detect ur pregnancy?

    Give it another 1 more week. If period still haven't come, can test (most probably would have got a +ve). If -ve and by then period still haven't come, should seek advice from gynae? Usually, late period for 2 weeks should be able to get a +ve result if really pregnant and hcg level should be...
  18. ZombieMum

    how early u detect ur pregnancy?

    Ya lor. Tested on the same cycle. I used Clearblue digital to test 4 days BEFORE period due while the online kit 1 day before period due. Clearblue gave me 'Pregnant' (+ve) result very early while the online kit gave me -ve result even on a later days. So, all I can say is that the online kit...
  19. ZombieMum

    how early u detect ur pregnancy?

    I bought HPT online before as well, mid stream type. It claimed can detect pregnancy early and has sensitivity of 10 mIU/ml. I tried testing on 1 day before my missed period but got -ve result. However, I tested using a Clearblue digital kit 4 days BEFORE my missed period and got a 'Pregnant'...
  20. ZombieMum

    using clearblue

    19 days should be able to get a +ve result if ur really pregnant cuz it's already more than 2 weeks late, The level of HCG should be high enough to be detected by the pregnancy kit! If still -ve, I think u just didn't ovulate (a missed period but not pregnant) this month and most likely is not...