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    22 months old not potty-trained

    Hi littlematchgirl, My #1 started potty training when he's 18mth old but found dat he's nt ready. But still I'll tell him every time, when I chg his diaper dat he's getting older le, nd to go toilet w/o diaper. Slowly, he picked up wat I've said n tried w/o diaper at hm, as a start. The 1st...
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    irresponsible baby's father?

    yes, i do agreed that most men cant handle their kid well, esp when they cry.. Still rem when our Ds cries badly during his 1st 3 mths due to colic, Hb will get panick and not knowing wat to do.. So along the way, I'll guide him and we will learn tgt wats happening to our DS and everyday I'll...
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    Bloody Sister In Law

    Oh dear!!! This sister In law of urs like emotional unbalance loh!! How can she do this to you esp when your 20week preggie and malign you!! She is really inhumman to do such a thing! Somemore she is already in her forties and stay at home to do nth!! Dearie, pls take good care of yourself...
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    IL problem ???

    *hug hug* I know how u feel.. Some old folks are like that.. If I were u, i'd also be pissed off!! Well, rem u are the mummy. U hv the right to tk care of ur son, so juz ignore wat ur MIL said. If she ever go ard to tell ppl that u dont wanna work again, get ur hb to talk to her nicely on...
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    Amazing story touched me to tears!!

    yes.. I teared.. Miracle does happened!! Its the mother's love that bring Jaime bk to life!! :Dancing_wub:
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    Can drink bubble tea when pregnant?

    yup, agreed with other mummies. Drink it with moderation cos bubble tea are high in sugar!!
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    7th month - beliefs/superstitions.

    For me, i play safe as in dont bring kids for a swim! But as for reaching home sun set, I didnt follow.. Cos I go bk to my home every weekend. And dad came bk from work very late. Very hard to follow the superstition of dont go bk home late leh.. Some other superstitions that I heard: -...
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    很辛苦。。。@ 3rd Trimester

    Congrats on having twins, dearie!! Being preggie with 1 baby is alr very 辛苦了, let alone having twins! Saw from mag, having twins is indeed very tough.. More tiring than having one baby. So u gotta really rest well. Entering into the 3rd tri, u are almost reaching the ending pt le. So hang on...
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    Baby dont want to sleep

    Re: Baby dun wan to slp Ds used to behave like this when he is 2 mths old. Its really terrible cos I carried him to slp and he falll aslp deeply in my arms. But the moment I place him on his cot, he wailed so badly! The butt juz touched the cot only, he can wailed like no tml le and refused...
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    Ways to encourage tod to walk

    Agreed with apollo mummy! When they are ready to walk, they will try to take their 1st step. Still rem, when my DS take his 1st step to walk, he fell a few times, and slowly, he is gaining more confidence and he can walk short dist w/o us holding on to him. Its up to individual toddler and a...
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    Anyone's tod still putting things in mouth

    Yup, DS also like to test water too!! Whenever we said NO, he will still give us that cheeky smile! Haiz..
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    Baby dun like to sleep in baby cot at nite

    Hi, my #1 used to hv this prob like urs too when he's 2 mths old. When my Mil starts intro him the yaolan, he refused to slp in his cot @ nite.. So like wat other mummies mentioned. I tried to carry him to slp till he really fall into deep slp, thats abt 30 mins alr. Then i tried to place...
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    drooling - is it normal for 1mth plus baby??

    Ds also like to suck his fingers, our hands or shoulders whenever we carried him. Guess he's gonna teething soon cos he is drooling quite alot! He refused his pacifier too. :embarrassed:
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    Do u co-sleep with yr toddler?

    My #1 who is slping with us so we kanna kicks alot of times on our bk and face. He used to slp in his cot till 1yo. Right now, his cot is being occupied by my #2 who is 3 mth+. Both kids will cry if they cant find us so we co slp instead.
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    23 Aug 2010 Arrival of Alicia Kuah

    Wow! Thats real fast ya! Congrats! And have good rest during ur confinement, dearie! Take care : )
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    Confinement Lady to hire and not to hire

    Haiz, I'm also surprised that there are ppl recommending her. Cos we cant find any good one alr, all fully booked then we decided on her loh. Then came to know that there is only 2 ppl recommending her on diff thread found. Hb was suspecting whether is her relatives or children who...
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    Confinement Lady to hire and not to hire

    Hi blsc, Glad that u hv made the right choice!! If not, u'll sure REGRET for sure!! After reading DuffySg's post, I can 200% GUARANTEE that we are toking abt the same person! Her name is MEILING, plump, long hair, always on the phone, boasting how good she is, LAZY and really CMI!!!
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    baby size

    Congrats, Mummy Jovy! Welcome to motherhood!! :tlaugh: Take good care of urself during ur confinement ya!
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    Going to funeral or wedding dinner during pregnancy

    Hi Excited Hubby, For me, I only try to avoid the "white" events. I attended my ex-boss's wedding when I'm 4 mth preggie. I guess all this depends on individual ba. If u are not attending any of the events, the giving of an ang bao for weddings or condenlence money for whire events shld be...
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    Brain development

    #2 is 3mth+ coming to 4 mth. He loves to be carried upright too. His head will start swinging front and bk too! But I will try to carry him in craddle style most of the time. Whenever i carried him in craddle form, he will cries badly. So I'll let him cry awhile and meanwhile coaxing him to...