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    wana make more mummy friends staying in the west!

    hihi, i'm staying in the west too nice to meet u all here :)
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    Which size of handbag do you prefer, big or small ?

    i prefer big bag too.. easier to carry bb stuffs:Dancing_wub:
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    Heya all...

    1 boy and 1 gal = so good :) I have a girl :) she is very active too.. she is almost 6 mths old haha Welcome:Dancing_wub:
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    Newbie saying hello.....

    2 boys + 2 girls = 2 good Congrats n Hi
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    Hi Everybody

    Hi and WELCOME
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    First Time Mom-To-be says HELLO to ALL

    Hi and Welcome All the best for your delivery!!
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    hi everybudi............Hapi CNY 2009 Earth Ox.

    hi n welcome!:Dancing_wub:
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    how many kg?

    wow ur bb seems tal for 6 weeks old
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    What are confinement foods & beverages?

    looks yummy!! :Dancing_wub:
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    Tingkat for lunch

    I'm ordering tongkat for dinner from House of Catering think food n price there is ok!! P.S i'm not very choosy! haha :Dancing_wub:
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    Hi to u and happy cny too!
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    how many kg?

    my bb is 6.4kg at 5 mths :):wong19:
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    about me

    Hi to u :) yeah.. 7 kids.. really super woman :) :Dancing_wub:
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    Age difference betwenn you and your hubby/wife

    Re: Age difference betw u and ur hubby/wife my hubby one year younger than me :err:
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    When's your wedding anniversary?

    24 June 2006 :Dancing_wub:
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    Latest TMC bills

    2 nites. Yes. that is before cpf deduction :) my hushand was very happy with it.. he didnt need to top much cash!! I delivered lmy bb ast year Aug
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    TMC or Mt A?

    I was at TMC. I think TMC's service is quite good. food there not bad also :):Dancing_wub: Most of the nurses there nice too
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    who takes care of yr baby after yr maternity leave?

    noone take care my bb too.. so i take care of her by myself :) she is my first kid.. n i want to b the witness for all her actions too :):Dancing_wub:
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    Guide for our new member

    Hi Hi :) Nice to meet u :) :Dancing_wub:
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    Latest TMC bills

    Hi My total bill was 3k plus, natural birth, epidural, 4 beded ( upgrade to 2 beded) :Dancing_wub: