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    Will u allow MIL to cane your kids?

    Scolding, light punishment is okay for me but NO WAY canning on my kids. When they do something wrong, we need to sit down with them and have a heart to heart talk with them, guide and teach them whats correct and whats wrong.
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    I'm Soo lost & confused.

    Re: I'm Soo lost & confused. Stay strong and dont give up no matter what happen for the sake of your child.
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    Feeling super super insecure

    Yes agreed, you should seek help and find someone to talk to.
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    House Cleansing For My Haunted House

    Why am I getting involved in these here?
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    House Cleansing For My Haunted House

    I see my name being mention here. I was just saying if I have the time and thats consider eargerness? If you want to borrow some spare cash from me, feel free to approach me:Dancing_wub:
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    Working during pregnant? Tired I guess

    Its certainly worth everything for the sake of our kids
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    To resign or not?

    If im a teacher like you, I will seriously consider to quit my job, teach my kids full time at home and just let them take private examination. I think there was a show by mediacorp actor & actress Darren Lim & Evelyn Tan whom also do that, teaching their kids full time at home and i think its...
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    Send kids to study abroad

    I would choose US for my kids next time. Thats why I scrimping and saving hard for their future.
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    baby fell off the bed, I'm so horrible. Very guilty now.

    Hope he is fine now and please take good care of our babies because they are our responsibilities since the 1st day they are in our tummy.
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    18mth old son super sticky to grandma but not mummy! Pls advise!!!

    Im sure he will be close to you if you put in more effort. Try to spend more time bonding with him, like having some sports, hobbies together, go beaches, reading books with him, go for short holidays and many many more activities that you can think of. Most importantly, you and your hubby need...
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    Birthday cake

    Emicake is quite nice, worth a try.
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    Private Investigator

    omg, have you tried to follow him by yourself or ask your friend to help you?
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    Ex husband delays on maintenance every month

    If he did not pay his maintenance every month, then I think its possible to go to court and bring pressure to him and maybe eventually put him to jail.
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    House Cleansing For My Haunted House

    scam? Then I shall check it out with my husband 1 of these days when im free to see how accurate she is. :001_302:
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    Interim custody & divorce

    oops, didnt saw the date. Anyway hope everything is fine for her.
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    Any recipe for darkening hair and strengthing kidney?

    Anybody tried before this shampoo? Maya Marketing
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    Any recipe for darkening hair and strengthing kidney?

    水龟草 For Kidneys Problems And More 200g 水龟草+15 red dates,+10 slices of ginger for best results. This formula is suitable for kidney problems,kidney dialysis patients and can be taken by any one to improve their kidneys function. Direction for use. 2oog to be used each time. First soak 15 pieces...
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    Any recipe for darkening hair and strengthing kidney?

    3 Surefire Ways to Kidney Success - #1 - Reduce the workload you place on your kidneys by curbing your intake of toxins and acid forming foods eg. red meat, salty foods, tea, coffee, additives, too much booze, cigarettes etc. - #2 - Increase your intake of foods that strengthen kidney...
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    Any recipe for darkening hair and strengthing kidney?

    How to Prevent White Hair Consult a doctor if your hair is prematurely turning gray or white. Add healthy doses of vitamin B, iron, folic acid, copper and iodine to your diet immediately. Fish and seafood are excellent sources of these vitamins and minerals. Consume vegetable and juice drinks...
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    Recipe for Waffle ?? Anyone ??

    Bishan, hougang, New Upper Changi Road, Changi Business Park, tampines all not bad.