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  1. ace_wonderland

    Cloth Nappy Users.

    Hi Dodo, Am currently using disposable diapers...but am interested to try bumwear.. Can I check, is bumwear similar to cloth diaper ? gotta wash rite ?
  2. ace_wonderland

    Member's HOME Location

    ace in Punggol :wong29:
  3. ace_wonderland

    Help!Regarding baby bonus matter

    hi, for baby bonus payout, its as follow :- 1st payout - about 3 weeks after MCYS receives your completed form 2nd payout - when child is about 6 months 3rd payout - when child is about 12 months 4th payout - when child is about 18 months If she needs more info, can call 1800-2537707...
  4. ace_wonderland

    Any suggestions? 1mth to learn confinement for myself?

    Hi lostsg, Did you check if HK have caterers for confinement food. Think will be easier rather than you cooking it yourself. Cos even with your helper around, you will still need to go buy the ingredients. How about help from mother or mother in law, any of them free to go over and stay with...
  5. ace_wonderland

    Milk warmer? Yes or no...

    Hi..issit ? I have tried the nursery room on the 3rd flr and there is nothing leh? Which flr were you on ?
  6. ace_wonderland

    Getting Botak after few months after giving birth.

    helo mommies... just read thru the come nobody mentioned Ba Wang...the shampoo endorsed by Jackie Chan. Am using that..and I feel that there are lesser hair on the flr after switching to that shampoo..
  7. ace_wonderland

    short term rental

    Hi Kitty, thanks for the reply, have found a unit yesterday.
  8. ace_wonderland

    Coping with the heat

    Can try to cool her with the fan... =)
  9. ace_wonderland

    Switching formula for 3M baby

    Hi redjn, Did u feed your bb with cow or goat's milk ? Is it better than those formula ?
  10. ace_wonderland

    Taka baby fair

    So you did not get any discounts on the items you mentioned ? Well..just tell your hubby that you wanna go shopping at takashimaya..and you can visit the fair "accidentally"...its at the basement. =)
  11. ace_wonderland

    Taka baby fair

    Hi mommies, Just to share...Taka baby fair is on today !! :Dancing_wub:
  12. ace_wonderland

    short term rental

    Hi, Need a room for 2-3mths(Oct 09 - Dec 09), preferrably at Geylang Bahru...anybody have lobang ?? :embarrassed:
  13. ace_wonderland

    short term rental

    Hi, Anybody knows if there is any room for 2-3 mths rental at Geylang Bahru ?
  14. ace_wonderland

    Impatient baby

    good idea..will try prevent surface of the "ang ku kueh" :Dancing_biggrin:
  15. ace_wonderland

    Impatient baby

    was not feeding her anything leh..if really choke will be her saliva.. have asked the doc and describled the her behaviour..she said its breathe holding..cannot do anything..will have to wait till bb-ies outgrow it themselves.. =(
  16. ace_wonderland

    Switching formula for 3M baby

    ok ok...thanks to all mummies for the nice advices =)
  17. ace_wonderland

    Switching formula for 3M baby

    Hi mommies, Need ger has been drinking S26 since birth and recently it seems she is having reflux more frequently. Thus, am thinking of switching to a different formula for her. Pls advice on which type of formula will be better ?
  18. ace_wonderland

    baby finger grabbing

    personally..i feel its easier to cut bb nails with scissor(those with blunt tip). I tried using a clipper..cannot manage at all. Hui Yin..think your boy is too young..think most bb-ies only started to grasp objects near 3 months. =)
  19. ace_wonderland

    Impatient baby

    Have tried that...but my naughty ger will sometimes give false signal..stretch stretch..eyes open then close and dozed off again :nah: Thus, can only prevent the crying if she is awake..I'll give her the milk jun jun or sometimes slightly earlier..
  20. ace_wonderland

    Impatient baby

    but my ger got special skills...and it scared the soul outta me the first time she used it... she knows how to hold her breathe !! Weeks back she was crying..and as usual i was trying to pacify her..but suddenly she froze and her face turned blue !! wa lau..i freaked out on the spot..but...