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    Hubby sedentary lifestyle, regretting hiring part time maid

    I'm a first time mum to a 4 month old. We are weekend parents, i.e. we bring bb back only during weekends, while bb stay with MIL during weekdays. Before bb was born, we used to do our own housework. After bb born, and my hubby's recent career change, we got very stress with the housework...
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    What do you do when you are unhappy/sad?

    I'll cry... Hopefully can cry to sleep. Will write in Facebook.
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    I'm pregnant. Need some kind advices from mummies

    I was a patient at KK's private suite. Think at private suite should be same doctor throughout. Queue was quite fast n I was quite pleased with the service. I had Dr KT Tan, and personally felt she is good n professional. Maybe you are too early in your pregnancy, tat's y they didnt tell u how...
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    Feeling worn out.....

    So sorry that I dun have any advice for that... Appreciated ur comments and advices on my post n other pple's post. Can only give u a virtual *hugz* n hope ur bb grow out of the colicky situation soon so that u no need carry her whole day. Be strong! It'll get better...
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    Help! Baby often experience blocked nose

    Don't think it's due to cold temperature... Our noses have hair to trap dust n dirt, tat's y got mucus n pi sai. It's the same for adults n babies. Thus, it's normal to have them. What I did with those real dry n hard one, I'll use a plastic tweezer (pigeon brand) to take it out if it's visibly...
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    To go for holiday without bb at 7-8 mth old?

    I'm also trying to convince him if wanna go for hols, maybe juz go for a less than 1 week trip. At least dun have to be so stressful with the milk pumping. Can pump n dump n not waste too much. And hopefully milk supply won't drop too much. Thanx a lot to u gals for the advices.
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    Opinions on diapers

    Used to change almost every feed when bb is newborn coz she poo at almost every feed too! But now only change about 8-9 hours if she don't poo on it. Using mamypoko... Good absorption. No leak, no rash.
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    To go for holiday without bb at 7-8 mth old?

    Hi mummies out there, need your advice... My hubby wanna go for a long holiday before he start his part time master course which is 3 years long. He's intending to go next feb/mar when bb is 7-8 mth old. Intending a long trip (like US, Europe tat kind) n not bringing bb along. I'm not very keen...
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    Automatic sarong swing

    Mine is the one with holes... So won't suffocate ba.. Not sure can use till when though. Seen my frens girl using till 1 year old now n she's still with it... I used to turn the swing off when she's sound asleep, but sometimes I'm napping as well or busy with some other stuff so let it run...
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    Automatic sarong swing

    I use it when bb is ard 3weeks old. Actually it's my MIL who wanted to use it, though I din wanna start till she's older. Till now, she's 3 mth old. Still using it. It helps her sleep better so we no need carry whole day. Use it normally during day time as cot is quite hot n she can't sleep...
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    afternoon naps

    If its newborn can try swaddling to give a sense of security. Mine was like tat too... But sadly, she Refuse swaddling, so ended up put her in electric yaolan at wk3 even though I din wanna introduce it before full month.
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    Do you drive during pregnancy

    I drove till 1-2weeks before delivery too. Was more convenient than to walk to bus stop and take public transport. But hubby din allow me to drive from 35th week, so took cab to n fro work... Damn ex lohz. But claim from him... Hehe
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    bathing during confinement period

    I believe the migraine n wrist pain might be due to something else rather than bathing n washing clothes during confinement period. If not, why the symptoms surfaced only till now?
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    Difficulty expressing

    Forgot to add on, I agree with rachelleling's method of using hands to squeeze out during normal pumping to ensure all is cleared. This will prevent u from getting subsequent block ducts or engorgement.
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    Difficulty expressing

    I've also experienced lumps with slower flow a month back. Using Philip single electric pump too. What I did was to press, pinch, massage the lumpy area (hand express) at the end of the session. Would normally still able to yield some 20-40mls. I persevered about a week and is no longer having...
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    To buy freezer of give away extra EBM?

    Thanx ilovebbdylan n rachelleling. Ilovebbdylan: was looking at those upright freezer with separate drawers. thus cost 400+ to 500. If chest freezer tat open from top, how u access to the bottom to get the earlier stored milk? Or maybe u can share how to easy keep n take out them...
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    To buy freezer of give away extra EBM?

    Hi mummies out there, My baby is coming to 3mths. Had been doing exclusive pumping n storing an average of 1 bag of milk daily. Freezer is getting full now. N noticed baby drinking lesser over the past couple of weeks... dont know if this will last. Was wondering whether to buy a freezer to...
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    Baby acne/rashes

    Think it'll go away soon... My gal used to have red patches on her face since wk3. Worse after warm bath or when she gek n cry. Doc say its called storkbite n told us to leave it as it is. But we din listen. My MIL worried so seek 2nd opinion from another doc during jaundice test, then doc gave...