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    EDD June 2015

    hi, my gynae says go ahead n we did go ahead... so i guess depends on gynae.
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    Edd may 2015! :d

    sigh i didn't want to tell my workplace so soon but just realized my oscar test (already can't fix another timing, all full) crashes w a compulsory meeting... so i guess i'll have to inform my bosses so that i can be excused from the meeting. initially i didn't want the fact that i'm pregnant...
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    Hi I am FTM in Jan 2015. Where are you all gg to give birth at?

    I'm delivering at TMC. I had my first delivery at TMC and I actually miss that place a lot! Definitely going back. If I'm younger and richer, I don't mind having more kids just to stay there a few more times hahaha
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    Gynaes and prices?

    mine is dr benjamin tham too. i found him by reading through the various forums and there seems to be no negative reviews and all highly recommended. he's very caring and patient and won't rush through the consultation... i dunno why he appears twice on this list loll... just saw this list on...
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    Edd may 2015! :d

    Just to share Parents' tips: how to cope with tiredness in pregnancy - BabyCentre
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    Edd may 2015! :d

    Hi everyone! I'm 9 weeks today! This is my #2 and the edd is 1 June, but my #1's edd was 2 Sep and she popped 1.5 week earlier in Aug... so I'll just hop over here and park here, since the June thread is not out yet. Hello mummies!! :)
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    Northeast mummies for playdates

    thought you all might be interested =)
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    what to eat during first trimester?

    I'd say no to rojak. Best and worst hawker food for the pregnant, Health News, AsiaOne yourhealth
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    Good TCM Doctor ???

    Anyone has good tcm nearer to Punggol/Sengkang area to recommend? If not I may just try the tcm at tmc... Reading the good reviews. Thanks!
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    Teething biscuits ???

    My baby has been chewing on Heinz teething rusks and finished at least 4 boxes.. It is hard so it won't break easily and choke the baby and she's been biting on them from 7 months to 1 year old. She also had gerber puffs... Dun rem when started but she can grip with her fingers and self feed...
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    Hi everyone! How has the month been with all the babies' birthdays lining up?! :D I stay w my mil n she helped me w baby when I'm at work. I'm thankful that she's good at it. And she taught me how to cook the porridge so we cook porridge of same consistency and baby always eat one full rice...
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    which formula is best for breastfed baby?

    Question as above, which brand of fm will breastfed baby accept better? Thank you!
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    Coping in SG For middle income earners

    i'd love to stay at home but hubby said cannot survive on his income only. my in-laws stay with us, so bills n household expenses for 4 adults and a baby. and what depend on parents? their income is so low, i give them money every month! allowance for my parents, plus my insurance and saving...
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    yes =) and yes we had one gathering before in Dec last year =)
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    My edd was 2 sep n my girl born on 23 aug :)
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    Hi, my edd is sep so I've been in this group for since preggy... A few of our babies, including mine, popped in august too. Welcome ^^ Yup I read abt the happy bellies n am anxious to just finish them all.. Haha. Not throwing away though.. I do know many parents feeding their babies only happy...
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    rosemummy, i think on the bb puffs bottles it was stated that bb is ready when crawling or can pick up food and feed ownself and can chew... i think important is bb know how to chew (even if without teeth, just 'gummy chews' =P) cos won't want the bb to choke =) i do give bb small bits of...
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    hihi~ yup she ate two full bowls of porridge a day! and she always finishes everything clean~ she eats v clean too, not much cleaning up to do except washing the bowl and spoon, so thank goodness! actually i stopped sterilizing everything... only her bottles, my pumps... not the bowls and...
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    EDD Sept 2012 mummies!

    skyler is now eating 2 bowls of porridge a day... plain rice porridge with carrots, potatoes or pumpkins so far. we also cook with 1.2l capacity slow cooker. mil is v enthusiastic and will wake up early to put everything into the slow cooker and let it cook... i'll let her since she'll be taking...