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  1. lml2402

    Biscuits or Rusks?

    I oso give baby bites & gerber graduates finger food biscuits :001_302: For gerber, my DS oso snatch to eat :tlaugh: Have tried rusk and heinz both v messy lor :nah:
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    What do you think of your Husband's Responsibility

    Im SAHM so will do all by myslf and is 100% alone... he only will play with kids :err:
  3. lml2402

    favourite cake flavour?

    i like durian & strawberry :001_302: BUT im a cake lover so any flavour i will EAT :shyxxx:
  4. lml2402

    any1 use b4 kola body shaping gel?

    hi, how much is the kola body shaping gel? thk :)
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    Hi Hi

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    Hi everyone !

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    Hi Every One

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    Hi everyone!!

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    :tlaugh::tlaugh::tlaugh: I oso catch no ball, alot things to figure :embarrassed:
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    Hi Everyone!

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    Wad u feel like eating today/now??

    Ive craving for Tiramisu! :tlaugh:
  14. lml2402

    Who Apologise First?

    Ya, for me and my Dh same too...half half and when he's at fault, he will say sorry.
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    Wad u feel like eating today/now??

    hmmm.... craving for Tong Zi Ji at tis moment:tlaugh:
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    I am new to MummySG

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    hello everyone!