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  1. Dee Ho

    SALE: SK II Facial Lift Emulsion *NEW 100g standard size

    Dear Mummy / SK II User; I m a SK II user my self but Since now I am not using the SK II Facial Lift Emulsion (as I m using another SK II similar product) anymore I have this new un-used bottle with me since last year. *The TANG price tag is still in tag with the box!! ;) The tag is an...
  2. Dee Ho

    Sale: SK II Advanced Eye Treament Film *NEW 15g standard size

    Dear Mummies / SK II User; I m a SK II user my self but Since now I am not using Advanced Eye Treament Film (15g) I have a pair of un-used tubes (two tubes) with me since last year. Thus, rather to put at home to waste decide to sell ; ) The listed price is SG$80 for 2 tubes! Yes, I m...
  3. Dee Ho

    Maid Agency, Please Recommend

    Hi! Mummies; I have found this blog which I find it veri useful.... Singapore Maid Agencies Reviews... have some reference from this... Good luck... I always believe to find a good agency does not equal to a good maid....and a expensive maid definately not equal to a good maid...
  4. Dee Ho

    Employing maid

    Halo! all mummies; I have found this blog that share all abt hiring maid and some comments on their experience with different maid agency. I dont know who else have come across this blog but well... So far I hired a fillipino maid for abt one mth for my 21/2 yrs old boi..<TOUCHWOOD> so far...
  5. Dee Ho

    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    Hi! Crescent; I'm very happy that you have manage to get a job and a understanding company... :red: Enjoy yr first moment with yr new member.... All the best... Pls do remember that "every problem ll have its solution"... :Dancing_tongue: Once again happy for U... Congrats!
  6. Dee Ho

    Pregnant, jobless & depressed

    Hi! Crescent; I understand your stress and situation. Found this on the part time job website telemarketer (home base). Telemarketeer | Part Time Job In Singapore Give it a try. Who know you might earn some $$ to help. But in what situation you re in, please do think of the little...
  7. Dee Ho

    How old do your little child can start to walk on the ground?

    my ds started "cruising" by 9 mths (with support of furniture):tlaugh:by 13 mths then he started walking ... :wong29:
  8. Dee Ho

    When do you start letting your baby self-feed (semi-solid meals)

    hahaha... I have the same situation like the mummies out there... I did let my DS to feed by himself ...end up he "donates" his lunch or dinner to the floor, shirt, pant and his chair... I dun noe wan to laugh or cry ...Haiz... some sucess on letting him eat finger food like wat Can Can mum...
  9. Dee Ho

    Do you bathe/wash hair during your confinement period?

    I tahan for 7 days without shampooing using the "dry shampoo" by then my hair smell like a dead rats... cannot take it... immediately wash my hair on the 8th day!! From there I bath with herbal water and wash hair alternate days.... Whew!! if i have my next one.... I tink I ll not tahan till...
  10. Dee Ho

    Looking for Nanny in Woodlands..

    I stayed ard yr area.... My current nanny is recommended by - Ms Lily Tan - Relax Confinement... Pls call her ... she ll try to match a suitable nanny that is yr timing and nearest to yr pl... Her mobile: 98581047.. She is the only agent who can match me with a good nanny and near to my...
  11. Dee Ho

    which bank do you choose to open for your baby's CDA?

    Me... OCBC... is quite a good bank and location is quite convenient..:tlaugh:
  12. Dee Ho

    What time does your baby/kid sleep at nite?

    mine sleep ard 6.30 p.m. or latest 7 p.m. all the way thru till 6 a.m for his morning milk... then he will go morning milk milk.... :wong19:
  13. Dee Ho

    Great News I tooo late to join? Can add me? My email is Thanks:tlaugh:
  14. Dee Ho

    So which hospital got the most vote?

    Hee... I deliver in Mount A... so vote for Mount A lo...:shyxxx: I have a friend gave birth at kkh... 2 bed ... not bad... as I went to visit her... Personally still prefer Mount A...:Dancing_wub:
  15. Dee Ho

    Colic help

    Halo! I have the same problem like u when my boi is less than 1 mth... will start crying every day from 6 pm till 10 pm!!! he been crying for four nites straight in the row and nothing help!!! Sigh....I ve no choice but brought him to PD to seek help.... Luckily her medicine is able to soothe my...
  16. Dee Ho

    Pregnant and depressed

    Hi! Jojoki; My suggestion will be like wat most of them had posted....Leave this man... Sigh ... tink u have given much hope & chance for him... but still ...maybi you life and yr bb ll ve a better life w/o him? ...gather all the help frm family, relatives & Friends...maybi u can get...
  17. Dee Ho


    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Wish all ve a great year ahead!!:mlaugh: Heng Heng Yo!!
  18. Dee Ho

    TMC or Mt A?

    I delivered my boy frm Mt Alevina... well... I m pleased wif their service and aft a wk I ve discharge, the nurse call me to ask me how am I coping (as they noe I m a first time mummy)....I m touched...if I am to deliver my 2nd one... I will go bk to Mt A.... and my friend prefer Mt A as well...
  19. Dee Ho

    Latest Mt. A Bill

    Hi! Catty; Hope this link helps... : : Mount Alvernia Hospital : : this is only a guideline... I delivered in Mt Alvernia as well... but before that I asked the clinic assistance in details abt the hospital charges / doc fees and any possible hidden can get more detail and...
  20. Dee Ho

    Baby Kaelyn was out on 18Jan!

    Congrats! On yr new family member!!! :wong19: