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  1. Jyeody

    Any SAHM at Redhill/ Tiong Bahru/ Queenstown area?

    Hi Snowbear I stay next to Queenstown Mrt, have a 9 months old daughter. But I am working full time currently, where are you putting up? Jyeody
  2. Jyeody

    TMC or Mt. A?

    I have tried Thomson Medical Center and will go there again if plan for 2nd. Simply just because "Thomson Medical Center nurses very patient and nice, they guided me how to bf (eventho no milk come out:001_302:), prices not much diff fr others, place clean and comfortable. :tlaugh: My Gynae was...
  3. Jyeody

    What do you do when your hubby SHOUTS at you in PUBLIC???

    I am soft feeling type. I can't even tolarate he show me his black face :embarrassed: Usually I will: 1. keep quiet or tell him that he should not do that 2. cry if I can't tolarate any more 3. and wait for him to appologize otherwise dont talk to him! Because I dont think I deserve it...
  4. Jyeody

    Chinese 7th mth: DO you all bring your BB out?

    I personally dont feel comfortable to bring her out late. Last night happen to know her yimah (my sis) brought her out at coffeeshop till 10pm. I was not happy. Anyway I told her .
  5. Jyeody

    Chinese 7th mth: DO you all bring your BB out?

    her gonggong said before 7pm, other senior said before 5pm.
  6. Jyeody


    Yo snowbear We are selling threadfin at 25-26/kg(whole) and cod at 32/kg. We are at redhill market #01-24/25, you must have missed our stall all this while. Cheers Jyeody
  7. Jyeody


    Hi autumn82 We are selling threadfin at 26/kg and we are at redhill market #01-24/25. Do drop by or call us at Tommie@82883223 or Fred@93662112 to order or enquiry. We can deliver if you request to. Thanks for sharing. Cheers and have a nice weekend to you and your family.