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    Nanny/Houekeeper needed

    Anyone got recommendations for a nanny cum housekeeper? Location: Joo Chiat/Marine Parade Basic duties: - send 3 year old to school - pick up 3 year old from school - cleaning a 2 storey house - washing and ironing - cooking Am flexi with full or part-timer. Locals only due to bad experience...
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    Is there anything in particular that I should take note when choosing the sch other than the location?
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    Mummies, My baby is 13mths now and I am thinking to send her for playgroup classes when she turns 18mths. May I know how do you mummies select the playgroups and when should I start to enrol her for the class? My MIL is taking care of my baby so my intention is just to let her attend those...
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    Any babies here using Pigeon bottle?

    pkshl, i am also using the wide neck bottles with M teats (baby about 5.5mths). If you see carefully the teat should have a letter 'S' or 'M' marked on it. I am using another different bottle to feed her water (smaller teat so I am also using M for it)
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    Stitches hurt

    there could be a tear in your wound, i remembered mine took about 2-3weeks to recover too due to tear in wound cos I kept squatting (CL claimed I squat too much, though i don't see the link).
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    EDD (September 2009)

    My girl was pretty well behaved when we went house visiting. She was having so much fun seeing all the other kids playing that she didn't want to take her nap. :001_302:
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    Right from the start I already told myself that I need epidural since my threshold for pain is damn low. I was injected with epi shortly after I was admitted, the injection was bearable but due to the contractions, my epi ran out just before my baby was born. I can feel my gynae stitch me and...
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    Drinking coffee and tea during pregnancy.

    werxbabe, do check if your ginger and lemongrass tea contains caffeine, if it does then best to avoid.
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    Is It safe for NewBorn to lie down in FisherPrice Rocker??

    i used to place my newborn in the fp rocker for her naps nowadays she gets cranky after lying for awhile. I remember i also have this lucky baby rocker that she loves (after her night feeds she don't want to sleep i will place her inside) then she will slip off to lalaland. after that my...
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    Shaving baby's hair at first month?

    i didn't shave my girl and do not intend to. She is already 4mths old :), i intend to let her baby hair drop and new hair to grow naturally. Can't bear to see her botak :P
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    communicate with your indonesian maid

    Mine also from Indo with very little knowledge of English. i will speak very slowly to her, @ times after explaining if she still don't get it I will show it to her. So far she been with me for about 1 month, overall she's ok but now sure is it our weather or she's trying to skive (she been...
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    Red packet to confinement lady

    I gave my CL $50 for arrival and $200 for departure cos I think she really did a good job. I was very well rested throughout and didn't have to worry about my girl. I didn't buy her any phonecards since i gave my hp no. to her family so they will call me and then speak to her. Cab fare to and...
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    Where to go to pierce baby's ears?

    i also toying with the idea of piercing my girl's ears but hubby say let her do it when she grow up...if she scared then don't pierce. My mum also nvr pierce for me, i did it myself when i was 14+ thats why i thought of piercing for my girl. MIL says its better to do it when young cos they don't...
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    Sick, can still have jab

    thanks all for your valuable advices
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    Toys/Educational CDs or items for 3 month old

    i bought the vcds too. by the way, usually by when will they know how to watch cartoons? i thought of subscribing the cartoon network.
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    Baby sleeping position

    my girl is also easily startled if she sleeps on her back and can't sleep long. she loves to sleep on her tummy with head tilted left, no matter how i shift her she will automatically turn back to her left side. nwadays she knows how to shift herself so I just let it be. everytime she wake up...
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    Sick, can still have jab

    Mummies, my girl was down with slight fever yesterday and coughing from time to time. she is schedule for injection tomorrow, i called up the clinic and nurse say that if no fever today then its ok to jab tomorrow. I told MIL that doctor said ok, worst case we bring her there and if doc say...
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    Yaolan for babies

    I put my girl in yaolan for her naps too. She will sleep in her cot at night cos she loves sleeping on her tummy. MIL said that babies who sleep in yaolan the head will be very nicely shaped though I do not know if there's any truth to it. Nowadays she is starting to flip so her yaolan time is...
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    Ears cleaning

    Thanks all. Actually the dirt in my baby's ear is not exactly at the eardrum area...its the surronding. I can see the dirt already dried, will try to put so oil on cotton bud and see if it'll come off. I tried cleaning them when she's bathing/awake but she hates it.
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    Ears cleaning

    Mummies, How do you all clean the ears? My baby is coming 4mths old, realised her ear got dirt and seems like already dried up (when i remove, it drops out like flakes) . Tried to clean with washcloth and cottonbud but can't seem to completely remove it and everytime i touch her ears, she...