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  1. apple_san

    Any Idea / Recommend Tuition center for K1 or K2 ?

    Hi mummies, May I know is there any tuition center for K1/K2 or is it too early for them to go for tuition? My son don't enjoy schooling and writing :nah:. So tot of sending him to tuition to improve his knowledge. TIA...
  2. apple_san

    EDD Jan 2015 Mummy

    Hi, may I know how long you gals take to announce ur good news?
  3. apple_san

    EDD Jan 2015 Mummy

    Hi Sunnydae, i told a digital kit ytd shown 1-2weeks But my gynae gave me my checkup booklet today written down 4weeks. I think the 4weeks is base on my last menses. Actually I'n quite stress for hardly conceive at first as I read alot of TTC for mths and years and evenly MC but thanks god
  4. apple_san

    EDD Jan 2015 Mummy

    Thanks Imperial C! Indeed yes. I text my hubby Happy Father's day with the positive image :001_302:
  5. apple_san

    EDD Jan 2015 Mummy

    Mummies, It's my 2nd pregnancy too! Tried to conceive for 1mth+ and surprise to know my positive result on Father's Day.
  6. apple_san

    Any PD recommend nearby Bedok Reservoir ?

    Hi mummies, I'm lookin for nice pediatrician nearby my area for my deary 6in1 as I dont't want to travel down at Mt A for his newborn pediatrician. Any recommend, pls? This
  7. apple_san

    The fruit of our love, Naurah Kaisah.. Born on 13/01/2010

    Congratulation! cutre lil one. same birthday as me:)
  8. apple_san

    What did your hubby buy for you when you gave him a son?

    My Hubby brought me a Rolex watch 2 weeks b4 EDD so tat I will go for a smoothly labour happily. But even he plick down the moon , the contraction will be remain the same...
  9. apple_san

    Blood vessel in eyes white.

    Anyone knows why if u baby eyes appear slightly blood vessel?
  10. apple_san

    My son didn't poo for 2 days!

    Hi mummies, I have a nearly 3 mths old son who didn't poo for 2 days. Any mummies met tis experience or any idea to solve?
  11. apple_san

    What happen if u find out that your husband/wife still keeping his/her EX photos?

    before we married, i alr found out the hardcopy and he said was kept thr for long time hence no time to clear. but aft married, i know tat he did clear off but till recently, i find out that he kept some and lock inside one of the drawer. but how am i let him know tat i open his drawer?
  12. apple_san

    When is ur 1st time out to holiday with your baby?

    5 mth? enjoy the trip? is it troublesome?
  13. apple_san

    Work & look after kid at the same time?

    Any idea that can look after our baby and earn money at the same time?
  14. apple_san

    When is ur 1st time out to holiday with your baby?

    Hi mummies, May I know how many months old or years when u bring ur bb out for holiday?
  15. apple_san

    Since how long will you stop giving ur baby wearing Mitten/Booties?

    Abt how many mth old ur baby stop wearing mitten and booties?
  16. apple_san

    Any C-section Mummies take seafood aft confinement?

    True.. I ate standard balance meal when I'm preg and I hate tibits during preg too... But I dont really think my tummy looks ok leh:( Exercise? not now my dear as we dont know how is our internal wound.