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  1. `julee

    Turn Back Time

    wish had listen to my parents...
  2. `julee

    MSN messages

    am using MSN Plus, so all conversations are kept... its good if u deal with sales thru msn least got evidence.. and pervetic people msn me oso got evidece.. mwhahaha...
  3. `julee

    Names you call your kiddos

    nana, nina, ina, baby... nuryna.. full name wen angry...
  4. `julee

    very troubled

    yarrr truuee!! too busy with work forgot about stuff happening.. at least am not home and stressing day in and day out about this matter... and that i am doing the right thing at least...
  5. `julee

    Which method to clean stool frm yur DS/DD bottom?

    I AGREE!!! i use to use wipes wen she was smaller. but change wen she was older, easy, fast & cleaner..
  6. `julee

    very troubled

    i deft had fun today at work... :) thx all!! endoh.. it rained in the east side, i tot finally 'cleanse' myself & my future.. :)
  7. `julee

    very troubled

    i went for interview this afternoon for a customer service job. i got it. and i cried myself silly after i walk out... i am delirious with joy that i got myself a job & finally move forward. haiz... finally somethings happen positively.. :)
  8. `julee

    very troubled

    endoh... u alwis give me this... very encouraging reply... i look forward to ur replies each time.. & damn i cant write a blog like u do! :) wat u say is true.. i have a solution in my head for my future & my dd's.. the only thing now is to overcome this period of time. and deft, my new month...
  9. `julee

    very troubled

    update: my hubby & i are seperated. he is staying at his mom house at this exact moment since thursday night. i tot this seperation would make us think better. of coz, he refuse to get seperated at the first place, seeing how he scarie he became again, i had to do it. i am afraid tat something...
  10. `julee

    Will love fade ?

    well said!!
  11. `julee

    Congrats mummysg to get a pr2 from google

    woohooo! congrats!! its quite an accompliment!!
  12. `julee

    The Pills(& other methods)

    seriously though, y depend on a pill for losing weight or getting a great skin? its all up to one self.. and the use of a contraceptive pill is to prevent another pregnancy. after all its a birth control thing not a losing weight thing..
  13. `julee

    Anyone planning to start a biz?

    i can help pass around the word for youngsters *beam*
  14. `julee

    very troubled

    reli?? but i only hav N levels.... im lookin for 8-5 jobs, admin, cust service... so far most of my last jobs were associated in cust service laa....
  15. `julee

    very troubled

    he didnt seem to be finding any work, so i got very angry again & told him that i am tired of his xcuses.. i cried to my mom & she says she will help me talk to him.. i decided to take my own step again, heck care wat he thinks, i am applying for jobs... and :Dancing_wub: i got a job interview...
  16. `julee

    Which cartoon actor(s) do your child like most?

    oh yeaaa.. garfield.. actuali anything cartoon is ok for her....
  17. `julee


    can like dat one ah? hahaha.. i oso wanna try.. *horns*
  18. `julee

    very troubled

    *cough* craving ah? *cough* #2? *cough cough* :p
  19. `julee

    very troubled

    i hav contacts of coz.. but i don dare interupt anyone.. so i quietly oso post this thread & read it wen abang not at home... i don dare work yet cause i scare he tink i cheating again. i wan his trust fully. like i said before i hav hope tat he will change. and for PO i hav tots about that...