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    When to start potty train?

    i introduce the potty as early as 18 mos but she just sit but doesnt want to pee. I tried again when she was 24 mos, still dont want. I noticed that she can hold her pee for a long time and she doesnt wet her bed at night but she still refuse to use the potty. I tried again at 39 mos convinced...
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    wts grow n up slide

    still available.
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    wts boba carrier choco brown and green

    still available....
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    wts maclaren volo

    sold.... thanks :-)
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    wts boba carrier choco brown and green

    still available....
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    wts maclaren volo

    still available....
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    wts grow n up slide

    grow n up slide condition 8/10 asking price. $35 pick up at toa payoh east sms me at 98204118 thanks
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    wts maclaren volo

    still available...
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    wts boba carrier choco brown and green

    still available...
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    wts boba carrier choco brown and green

    boba carrier condition 8.5/10 a bit faded due to washing color chocolate brown and green no box and manual i misplaced it already. price $60 pick up at toa payoh can sms me at 98204118
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    wts maclaren volo

    maclaren volo with rain cover and stroller pad. color gray and orange condition 7/10 sturdy and neat but the wheels have discoloration of black stains and can't be removed. not for fussy buyer. can sms me at 98204118 pick up at toa payoh price. $60
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    My boy only eats and drink milk when there's ipad

    hi, my daughter is like that few months ago. She likes to use her ipad during meal time and sleeping time ending up not sleeping on time. we always tell her it's eating time, no ipad... of course she always cry i just let her cry then she'll stop then after eating i'll give it to her but we...
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    Cesarian or natural delivery?

    Cs for my first born and natural del for 2nd. You may ask your ob for recommendation as per your condition. For me i'll still go for natural. Recovery wise its much faster and easier to move than cs.
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    Keep the baby or abort the baby???

    IMO, putting an end to an innocent baby is never an option. Having read that ur a child lover, if u terminate this pregnancy i believe you will have that guilt feeling and no matter what you do it is ireversible. Ur parents will be mad at first but sooner or later they will understand. Babies...
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    Phlegm for 3months plus old baby

    Hi, if i were you i'll bring her to kk for a check up. It's better you spend few bucks than spending a hospitalization fee if it's get worst. And also your baby is to young to give any medicines not prescribe by doctor/pediatrician. I have 2 kids 8 and 1 yo. When my 8yo is sick i bring him to...
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    walking shoes

    Hi, mothercare has all those shoes. Price range arnd $50+...
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    walking shoes

    Hi, from my experience from my girl. You must let your baby try it and check if it can be easily romoved from her feet. And for me since my baby's feet are wide type the only shoes she likes most and not removed is see kai run. Its a bit expensive but really a good investment she never removed...
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    Do you use baby carriers in the 1st 3 months?

    Hi, i used sarong sling then after 3mos changed to bjorn air alternate wid mim sling pouch then 1 yer old change to boba carrier. But these are for short trips only of course pram is still more comfortable for longer ride.
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    Hiring stay home mums who can sew

    hi, im interested.. pls email me at thanks