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    When to start potty train?

    I have a similar question; how do you train a 3 year old boy to pee standing instead of sitting on the potty / toilet bowl... He is too used to doing it sitting... thanks in advance for any advise! :err:
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    Fish oil Supplement

    Hmmm my previous 2 posts are still awaiting moderation so I shall do a quick reply instead! I was reading from another forum ( that some ingredient in EPAX (which is used in Dhaxtra) has some issues with risk of...
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    Fish oil Supplement

    Think there are specific fish oils specially formulated for prenatal from pharmacies, they tend to be smaller in size!
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    Fish oil Supplement

    Hi all, I'm new here, stumbled upon this thread while researching on prenatal fish oil supplements! :001_302: Just wanted to check, I read on the other Singapore Motherhood forum that a higher EPA (the thread...