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    anyone can recommend which cellulite cream is good?

    Tolpa Express Anti-Cellulite Serum that show effects after 14 Days (reduce hips -2cm / thighs -1.5cm / reduce body fat 17%). Works on sensitive hypoallergenic skin, excess body fat, uneven skin texture, fluid retention and especially well on soft cellulite.
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    anyone apply anti-cellulite cream during pregnancy?

    You can safely use Tolpa Anti-cellulite lotion designed for the Mums that helps to eliminate and prevent formation of cellulite and improve uneven skin texture during pregnancy and after childbirth. So now you can start and target the problem areas early. Ingredients TOŁPA peat. ®, Vitamin E...
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    Tolpa Slimming/Anti-Cellulite Serum - Safe for even MUMS

    Created with a limited amount of preservatives and flavorings, do not contain artificial dyes and are not tested on animals. All products are dermatologically or clinically tested and are suitable for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Has a range dedicated for the MUMS during pregnancy...
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    Best Slimming Product

    Try Tolpa Slimming Modelling Concentrate which reduces body fat by 14% and slimming by 1.4~2.4cm. With drainage effect | reduce abdomen circumference -2.4cm | thighs -1.4cm | reduce body fat 14% | increase skin elasticity 13% Works on sensitive hypoallergenic skin.