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    Quinny chilli red stroller for sale!

    Hi Mummies, I'm selling my Quinny Chilli red stroller at $400. Bought for more than a K!! Used 1 time onli. I've got 4 other pram at home! Price Negotiable. Text me... 8346 8399
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    Sbcc Amk & Bishan

    Ya.. If husband with u.. I'm always alone with kids. So......
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    Sbcc Amk & Bishan

    If u are driving, parking can be difficult....
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    Sbcc Amk & Bishan

    Phi mummy, base on my experience with going to gp and pediatrician. GP jabs always look more painful to my kid. Pediatrician are damn fast and stead. Baby didn't make a sound. Maybe pediatrician give bb more jabs. I didn't sign up the package. Pay as they take. Pediatrician do detail check up...
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    Sbcc Amk & Bishan

    My 2 kids always go to SBCC at AMK whenever they r down with flu or cough. They are more detail. I always request them to arrange Gr Goh Han Meng for me. He's good and always carry a smiley face. Dr Eugene Han is Super Super detail to the extend u have to wait for bout 15 - 20mins per patient...
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    White PLaypen @$200

    Hi mummies, Im letting go this Safe and Secure white playpen @ Condition of 10/10. Bought this last month when my maid went back to Indonesia for 2 weeks. Place a year old daughter in when im cleaning or cookin gin kitchen. Outside selling near $300 with only 1 mat. Mine came with 2 washing...
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    Safe and Secure playpen-White @ $200

    Hi mummies, Im letting go this Safe and Secure playpen-White @ $200. Condition 10/10 Bought it last month when Maid went back to Indonesia for 2 weeks. Put my 1year old girl in while Im cleaning the floor or cooking in kitchen. It comes with a Mat when you purchase from outside. Mine came with...
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    playpen for sale

    Hi mummies, I've got a solid metal octagon shape playpen to sell. Bought it a month ago. Wanting to put my girl in while I mop the floor or cooking in kitchen. But she was screaming so badly. I bought it in kiddy palace, with a mat. Due to some reason, I got 2 mat instead of 1 and it's washing...
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    Fetus too small? Anyone had the same problem?

    Hey mummy, congratulate to ur first baby!!! First of all, it's so insensitive for gynae to say such words to you. Super insensitive! U need rest... My 2nd girl, first scan, doc couldn't find my bb. Took blood test and asked to rest at home. 2week later, scan, baby no heartbeat, told to rest a...
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    Having a feeling like they only want their grandchild

    All mil is the same. Especially those old fashion mentality. Same goes to my mil. Children of hers are children. Other people children are not children. Damn bias and like boys than girls. Just ignore ur mil. I used to respect her and wanted to love her and treat her as my mother. After staying...
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    2 baby pram letting go for family in needs

    Hi, no problem. Pram all taken up... :)
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    2 baby pram letting go for family in needs

    Hi, I'm letting go 2pram for those needy family. Husband just got 2 new pram for my kids. Thus letting go 2 of the older ones.. Not for fussy mummies. Text me if interested. Self collection at Woodland ave 5 or Woodland Mrt station. 91311112
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    How much do you spend on groceries per month?

    Hi xiaodaisy mummy, I stay in woodland. Occasionally drop by my dad place in Jurong and will go Chinatown market together. Usually when I buy, always get cheated. Prolly I look like xiao Mei Mei. That's what they call me in market. Go with dad, they charge me different price. Zzz
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    Mummies below 25years old

    Hihi, I'm 25 and have 2kids. A boy of 3yrs and a girl of 8mths. Looking both of them myself with husband help at night. I'm so desperate to get out of the house and work!! Though its a bless to have a boy and a girl. But it can be a terror at time when both started crying, fighting over toys and...
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    having kids is a real test to my marriage - is it to yours too?

    Hi mummy, I went thru what u r going thru. After 2nd kid is born with no helper, I quarrel alot with husband. Until the point of we went and see my gynae. That's when I was diagnosed with slight depression. Just 2months after my delivery. Gynae talked to my husband alone. Prolly gynae said...
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    do you tell your husband everything u're unhappy abt his family?

    Lolx... looks like mil and dil never get along.. my r/s with my mil is exactly what mummies here experience. Infact, infront of my mil, I act nice. Infront of me, she act caring. But I heard lots of bad things she said abt me and thru her conversation on phone with her friends. Good thing is...
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    10 months old baby doesn't crawl and stand at her own

    It's normal that Bb doesn't crawl. Mine flip at 7mth, dun crawl, walk at 15mths. Development slower than others initially But caught up as he grows. He's now so so talkative and has amazing memory. Dun worry... as long as doc found nothing weird, it's OK. Son still went for brain CT scan to see...
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    multi Vitamins - recommend?

    U can go SBCC ask for immuneped. Apple flavour. My 3yr old son love it!! I got 3 bottle at a goal... they dun sell over the counter. Else those vit C gummies.. GNC also can.. tell em ur kids age..
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    Anyone with overdue baby experience ?

    I agree with talking to ur baby. My Edd was the date my husband won't be in town. Talked to baby everynight and he came out 37weeks, 1week before my husband fly... My 2nd girl wanted to come out at 6month!! How scary.. Was asked to rest on bed. Kept telling her it's not time yet... it's not...
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    2 year old with eczema and dry skin

    Summertime mummy, john Chiam skin doc is indeed great! But abit pricey...